A Miracle Named Lilly (My #WWBH Story)

Even though I didn’t get this done in time to be linked for last week’s Hop, I wanted to share my Blog Hop story


“Mamma?”  Lilly looked up from the guitar that she had been studiously practicing on  for the past hour as their Irish Retriever Puppy lie listening as if he were the audience.

“Yes, sweetheart?”  Betty inquired of her adopted daughter.

“I heard that the concierge, down stairs, is really a decoy for some spy organization.”  Lilly said, talking about Ole Mr.  Chaster who had been the doorman/concierge for the high-class apartment suites where they lived.

“Where ever did you hear such a thing, Lilly?”  Betty wanted to know.  “Mr. Chaster, a spy?!?   The very idea.  Why he’s no more spy than I am an astronaut in the space program.”

Lilly didn’t say any more and went back to practicing her guitar.  For a seven year old she was quite amazing  despite the fact that the guitar was nearly as big as she was.  Even more amazing was the fact that doctors hadn’t even believed that Lilly should be able to do things like play guitar or even be alive for that matter.

Several years ago, when she was barely more than a toddler,  Lilly’s mother had been in a terrible accident when her car lost control on a road that had had fresh tar recently layed. Lilly had been in the car with her.  Lilly’s mother (who was actually Betty’s daughter)  had been crushed, violently, against the steering wheel and had been killed almost instantly.

Lilly, herself, had been badly injured but had thankfully  survived, which in itself was no small miracle when you considered how bad the accident had been.

Shortly after, however, doctors suspected severe brain damage.  They had warned Betty, who had ended up adopting Lilly as her own, that Lilly might not survive and if she did she would likely be unable to do the things that kids normally did.  Things like walk, talk, write.  Even simple things like being able feed herself were questioned.  But Betty had refused to give up on Lilly.   She saw to it that Lilly got all the car and treatment and therapies she needed.  It had cost a lot of money  and had been a lot of hard work, for both, over the years.  But the pay of had been worth it.   Lilly was just like any other seven year old starting first grade (as her birthday was in December).  Only a tiniest of reminders, a small limp and a slight lisp, remained to indicate that there had ever been anything wrong.


Thursday Review: Incantation

This Thursday my review is on a book called Incantation by Linda Bolton
Cover Art by Rebbekah White http://www.masterkodaselectpublishing.com

What happens when  by the book, plan-it-out, journalist Christina Meyer does a piece on spontaneous, take chances magician Tristen Bane?  Do the sparks fly? Does Tristen ever plan on settling down?  Will Christina be willing to listen to her heart?  Will either be able to resist temptation?  Read Incantation and find out. I must say, I really enjoyed reading this book.  In all honestly, magic isn’t really my thing and my first thought was to pass this one up….  I’m glad that I didn’t and that I got the opportunity to read it.  I found myself unable (outside of the fact that my family screaming and yelling for my attention) to put my phone/kindle app down – for wanting to see what happened between Tristen and Christina.  Wanting to know would they get together or not and, if they did, would things between them work. out. Ms. Bolton has done an excellent job of combining the world of magic and romance.  I actually found myself enjoying the parts about Tristen and his magic, especially towards the end where he finds there is so much more than him than the dramatic, flair-filled, magic that he had been doing for so many years.  Magic that he was finding himself enjoying less and less (and yet always that invsible push to be better and better).  Through Ms. Bolton’s words you really get a feel for the characters Tristen Bane and Christina Meyers and what each is going through in their minds.  You see the struggles of each, especially Tristen as he deals with his own ghosts from his past.

 If you are at all into Magic, Romance  (or both) I suggest you give Linda Bolton’s Incantation a read…  Any maybe check out what other books she’s got out there.
{Note:  Rebbekah White also does art work for Indie Authors at advantagemarketingforyou.com}


this was so beautifully written that I had to reblog it for you, my readers, to enjoy.

Writing Wings For You

joe kissing me

I was challenged to try on some dialogue with a love topic.  My own love story gave me the emotional impetus to write and weave the story.  It was fun!  I challenge you to try it.

It was Happy Thursday, my favorite day of the week.  I jolted to the door in anticipation.  There was a sign on the door, “Enter my queen.”  What surprise awaited me today?  It was Joe’s turn to do the date surprise, a ritual we had been doing for months, the first man to surprise me in return.  The invitation got me nervous with wonder and excitement. I opened the door carefully, almost like a peek, as if opening the door full on would be so overwhelming that I would blow out of my skin. Nothing in the living room as I entered.  Nothing in the kitchen on the counter.  But looking down, there was a pathway…

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#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – July 30, 2014

So here is this weeks Blog Hop with our host for this week, Debb, from Sunshine Stanton

Hello fellow story enthusiasts! I can’t believe it’s already mid-summer. Speaking of which…I’ve always enjoyed the title “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Doesn’t that sound nice?
And do you know what MY midsummer dream would be? For about 20 of us to send their story in to this blog hop, and I would then have 20 lists of characters that I could weave into one GIANT story (or book)!!! Wouldn’t that be great?! Hey – don’t be afraid to humor me a little bit here. Click on the little froggy icon below and make me more proud of you than I already am. 🙂
Check out last week’s stories:
Hibbi by Debb Stanton
Fancy Pants by Leanne Sype
Guitar Practice by Sally Stackhouse

Are you new to this Writer Wednesday blog hop and wondering what the guidelines are?
1) Write a short story (500 words or less) using the photo and five mandatory words.
2) Stay with the 500-word limit.
3) Craft and link your post by next Tuesday evening (10:00 p.m. PST).
4) Link up your story using the inLinkz frog at the bottom of the prompt. Simply click on the frog and enter your story information as prompted. If you need assistance, leave a comment on this post and one of us hostesses will help you. 🙂
Okay, so are you ready now? Fingers on home row on your keyboard? Here is the prompt:

MANDATORY WORDS:  murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual
MANDATORY WORDS: murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual

So there you go. Let imagination be your guide and peace rule over all your activities. 🙂

Reached My Goal at #CampNanoWriMo

I did it!!  🙂  I reached my word count goal.

Camp Nano 2014-Winner-Facebook-Cover


Even got a nifty little certificate:

camp nano winner_certificate_2014

Only thing is, my name isn’t on it…. But that was what was there after I validated my word count this morning.

OK so a 15K Word goal in a one month period of time may not sound like much (and I’m by no means ready to take on the November NaNo’s 50K word limit minimum), but it’s better than I thought I’d do.

Originally  I had thought to go with an extremely modest 300 word a day goal, which would have come to 9,300  words for the month, but even the (more laid-back) July Camp had a minimum limit of 10,000 words.  that came to about 325 words a day (not much more than the 300 I had originally planned) so I set my goal to that and set to work.  I was doing so reaching my daily goal  (and often surpassing it)  that, about a week in,  I thought I’d raise the bar a bit on myself and go for 15,000 – Still a modest number at just under 500 words a day (incidentally that is the the count we look for in the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop submissions).

Let me break in for a moment with the math for Camp NaNo in November:

50K Words for the month divided by 30 days in November  Comes to…. between 1,666 and 1667 words each day

I don’t know how people do that…  Over 1,000 words each day  (I’m lucky if I manage the time to reach close to 1,000) .  Heaven forbid I were to miss a day in there for whatever reason – I’d be in serious doo doo.

I’ve been asked (even encouraged) by some to try out the Camp NaNo…  to which I think I’ll have to pass (for the reason mentioned above); Not to mention I think you are expected to have an actual WIP for a novel (which I don’t).  Will I be at Camp NaNo next year??  I make no promises this early in the game….  But yeah, sure,  I’ll probably give it a go again.  Not sure what my project will be (have to play that one by ear).

Having a goal to strive for was nice,  but more than that having a place to update your count and “stats” that showed where you were at (and where you needed to be  to reach your goal on time) really helped keep me on track.   And the awesome cabin-mates to support and cheer each other on.   No, there wasn’t anyone physically standing over me forcing me to write or update my word count,  but  I still felt obligated to find time to  write (or in my case type) each day  and update daily.  In my mind, it wasn’t just something I could just blow off (and get to another some other time)…  It was something I had to get done.

I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, but doing this whole Camp NaNo thing has given me a bit of confidence.  I don’t see myself putting together a novel or nothing, but (with what I got written) maybe I can put together a short book of short story romances.  I’ve got the thought of putting together a selection of poems I’ve written as well as a selection of (I’ll call them short story, but they’re really shorter than that) pieces done for the weekly WWBH.

If you missed out on going to Camp NaNo this year because you weren’t sure  you had what it took…  Best advice I can give is —  Take A Chance and GO FOR IT!!!

#CampNaNoWriMo — Nearing the End

Time goes by so quick and my time at Camp NaNoWriMo is nearing  the end.  I had meant to blog about the experience more often but time never seemed to be on my side.  It seemed everything I could do to find a good chunk of time each day to sit down and write….  In fact, that’s one of the the thoughts I had the other day…  Once I get going I can come up with a fairly good amount to write.  Maybe not in the thousands, but at least 500, maybe even up towards a thousand.  The hard part, for me, is finding the  uninterrupted time in which to write and (more importantly) get a flow going.  I have found that it sometimes takes a little while for me to get warmed up and get going on my writing.

I’ve actually had a number of random thoughts going through my mind when it came to  the whole NaNoWriMo experience (as well as writing in general).  Early on, I had made the (somewhat rash) decision to up my word count.  Almost immediately I was left wondering why the hell I had done that and what the heck I had been thinking.  Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I start feeling good and confident, because I’m way above my daily goals and all that,  I end up with several days where I either missed writing all together or barely got any done (we’re talking maybe a couple hundred words at best).  The good news is I did get caught up and even seem to be running ahead of my goal a slight bit.

As for  what I’m writing?  Well it’s really just a hodge-podge of samplings that are all romance-based.  Right now my writings are pretty much all over the place but it’s a start that perhaps can lend itself to something more cohesive.  I can’t say what it is but something about joining the camp and having word count goals that you continually update, as well as cabin-mates with which to be accountable to, that makes you really dig deep and get that writing done… Now if I can just keep to it after camp is over.

#WOWWednesday: Spolight Author Jerrid Edgington

This week the spotlight author at Master Koda Select Publishing is Jerrid Edgington.

When I heard that Jerrid was to be the spotlighted author this week, I was super excited.  In fact, it was Jerrid who steered me in the direction of Master Koda and the Master Koda Facebook  Group.

I believe I first met Jerrid on Twitter where I came across a tweet of his announcing a book he was working on which was the first book in the Racing the Reaper series, which has to do with one of my favorite subjects (Fire/EMS – more specifically, in this case, EMS).  At that time he was in the process of re-editing a previously published book, making it even better than the second.  From Twitter we ended up connecting on Facebook.  The two things that immediately drew me to Jerrid  was his work  in the EMS field (I have a deep appreciation for the guys & gals who work in Fire, EMS, Police, and Military) as well as the fact that he is also a writer.  As I got to know Jerrid a little better, I found that he’s also a great all around guy.

Several months ago, I was honored to have Jerrid on one of the blog talk shows I was doing at the time.  I had a wonderful time talking with him on the show about the new book that had just been released.  The link to the show can be found here as well as the accompanying show notes.  Even before I had Jerrid on the show, I had an opportunity to grill (read the interview) him about his work as a Paramedic and as a writer.  When it came to writing, his first attempts were slow to get out of the gate.  The words just didn’t seem to flow the way he wanted.  In about 2012, he decided to try again and that time the words just flowed as if they were meant to be.  When asked if he would ever decide to give up being a paramedic to become a full time writer his answer is “No”.  He strongly feels that being a paramedic is where he is meant to be and that he didn’t choose the profession the profession chose him.  Through his writing, he takes you on a journey of what it’s like starting out as a young EMT and working through ranks to Paramedic.  He also takes you on a ride in the ambulance and the kind of calls they experience as well as the (behind-the-scenes) emotions that they deal with.

Both books 1 and 2 of the Racing the Reaper series are available for Kindle on Amazon and book 3 is due to be released in the near future (I advise following his blog, Words from the Edge, to stay in the ‘Know’)

Cover Art by Rebbekah White


Quick Test — What’s up with my “New Post” Window on WordPress

Before I go any further, Apparently I need to do a quick test…

Not sure what the deal is but my “New Post” window seems to be all screwed up.  Cursor (showing where you’re typing) is way down in the box where you would type the body of your blog.

#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop July 23, 2014

Here is this week’s Blog Hop.  Thank you LeAnne for stepping in.

As you man know, we rotate co-hosts each of us (LeAnne, Heather, Debb, and myself) taking a turn.    On the rare months where there is 5 Wednesdays, we just ask who wants to volunteer.  Usually there is no reason to “pick straws” or any of that as (at least) one of us is willing to step up to the plate – That’s what you get working with such a great group of ladies 🙂   Just to s how the awesomeness of this little group – Debb had volunteered to take this week, but had an unexpected event come up that precluded her doing so.  Immediately, LeAnne stepped in to take over.  Now that’s what I call AWESOME….  But enough of this intro. On to the Hop….


We’re halfway through this week, and a tiny bit over half way through this year. If you had set any writing goals for yourself, I hope things are going well for you! If you haven’t yet reached those goals, this is a perfect week to shoot for the next step.

Perhaps this week’s prompt will inspire the creative energy you need! First let’s take a look at the collection of stories birthed from last week’s photo reveal. Be sure to take some time to read through these and offer the author some comment love. 🙂

Knit, Purl, Purl by Morgan

The Call by Scott Taylor

The Surprise by Sally Stackhouse

Two Sweet Angels by Tena Carr

A Difficult Beginning by Heather Musk

Alrighty, here is a quick reminder of how the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop works:

1) Write a short story (500 words or less) using the photo and five mandatory words.

2) Stay with the 500-word limit.

3) Craft and link your post by next Tuesday evening (10:00 p.m. PST).

4) Link up your story using the inLinkz frog at the bottom of the prompt. Simply click on the frog and enter your story information as prompted. If you need assistance, leave a comment on this post and one of us hostesses will help you. 🙂

Here is your photo and five words:


Mandatory words:




steering wheel


Have fun!

Two Sweet Angels (My WWBH Story for July 16, 2014)

this week our host has been  Heather from Reading, Writing, Everything In Between

Two Sweet Angels

Emily looked down at her two sleeping angels as they lay sleeping in the in the large tan cushiony recliner.  Her oldest daughter susie, who had just turned 6 years old the month before,  had
been begging to hold her little sister since Emily had come home from the hospital with her a couple days previous.  Despite having gotten up early that morning to do some much needed straightening there was still a bit left to do, so  Emily had decided to go ahead and let Susie hold little Sarah for a little while as she worked in the living room where she could keep watch.
Susie had sat dutifully in the large recliner, settling herself back as far as she could so her legs dangled out in front of her.  Emily had placed some pillows around Susie and helped her lean back in the recliner, then gently lay Sarah against Susie’s chest.
“Make sure you keep a good hold of her.”  Emily had instructed her daughter as she showed her how to place one hand on the baby’s back and one gently at the back of her head and neck.
Emily had gone about her work, glancing over from time to time to check on Susie and Sarah.  Each time Susie smiled at her.  “Am I doing a good job, mom?”  She had asked each time.  Emily smiled back at her.  “You’re doing beautifully.”  The last time she had glanced over both Susie and Sarah had fallen asleep. Susie’s hand had slid from its place at the back of Sarah’s to lie next to her. Sarah’s tiny hands rested on top of her sister’s.
Not wanting to wake either one, Emily had covered them both with the pink blanket that had been a gift from “Soldier Moms for new Moms”  An organization that helped new moms, or moms-to-be, whose husbands had recently been deployed.  They offered all sorts of help, advice, and support.  In fact Emily, herself, volunteered with the group.  She had never expected to be a recipient of any gifts from them, but then she had never expected her husband  of just 7 years to be called for deployment only months before their second daughter was due to be born.
Emily glanced up at the roses and card that her husband  Sam had arranged to be sent to her then back down to her two sleeping daughters.  Her eyes filled with tears.  It was the second time that Sam had been called away unable to be there for the birth of his daughter.  Emily thought that it would have gotten easier the second time, but it was just as hard, not having her husband by her side, the second time as it had been the first time.  Thankfully the ladies from Soldier Moms for New Moms had been there for her.  One of the older ladies who, herself, had two grown boys in the army had been at the hospital with her the day Sarah had been born.  Emily remembered her from back when Susie had been born two weeks early.
Link to this week’s challenge can be found at: