A Boy’s Imagination (My WWBH Story)

We’ll be kicking off another WWBH Hop tomorrow and I hope you’ll join us in the fun.  Here’s my story for last week’s Hop 


Aaron looked worriedly out the window watching the clouds roll in as he and his mom drove home after stopping at the store.  At first there had just been a few cumulus type clouds, but that had soon turned into a whole bunch of cumulus clouds that covered the sky.   Now the sky was beginning to darken and stratocumulus were forming.

“It looks like there’s a thunderstorm coming.”  Aaron said to his mother.  “I wonder how bad it will be.”

“I doubt it’ll be any worse than what we usually see.”  His mom answered.  “Just some really heavy rain and maybe some Thunder and Lightening.”

“Do you think we’ll get home before it hits?”  Aaron wanted to know.

“Yes, Aaron,  I’m sure we will.  We’re almost home now.”  His mother answered.  “And even if we don’t I’m sure we’ll be just fine.  It’s not as if I haven’t driven in such conditions before.”

“But what if there’s lightening?  What if the lightening hits the truck and….”  Aaron went on to describe something that could only happen in science fiction…. Or the mind of a 12 year old boy.

“Aaron.”  His mother replied, shaking her head. “You certainly do have quite an imagination.  I’m pretty sure the chances of what your describing are extremely slim….”

“Like not in a gabillion, gazillion,  years”  Aaron said

“Yeah, something like that.”  his mother chuckled.  “Besides we’ve seen lots of thunderstorms since moving here and nothing bad has happened has it?”

“No, but what if….”  And he was off and running with another unlikely scenario

“Aaron,”  His mother said with a sigh  “How do you come up with these ideas of yours”

They pulled into the driveway of their house and parked.  As Aaron got out he noted that the clouds had turned into NimboStratus clouds.”  He and his mom got inside with the groceries just as a downpour began.

IMG_2193A short time later, in the safety of their home,  Aaron saw a streak of lightening as he looked out the window.  He counted the seconds till he heard the loud crack of thunder, the way he had been taught…. “one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-onethousand…..”  Ten seconds.

“Mom, ” Aaron called to his mother who was putting stuff away in the kitchen.  “That storm is only a couple miles away from us.”




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