More thoughts on Camp NaNoWro

I say “more” because I had already done a couple other posts on my Camp NaNoWriMo thoughts earlier, before creating this blog. I’ll Reblog or copy them over here later but for now they can be found on my jottings and writings blog under the Camp NaNoWriMo category.

For those who haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, which actually takes place in November. In the month of July they have what’s called “Camp NaNoWriMo “.

So my thoughts….

Today was an interesting day when it came to writing. Not the least of which was another day where “SQUIRREL” seemed to be the name of the game.

The MC in the story I was working on today (I’m working on a collection of short ‘romance’ stories) kept insisting I change her name I had started out the story naming her Barbara and part way through I realized I had gone to typing ‘Brenda’ instead. And speaking of names, I was having a hard time remembering the spelling of the last name I had for another MC. Not only that there was the question of how to portray that same character in regards to his name – Was he Officer Marbey (think I’m remembering correct, but my work is currently in the other room) or was he Charlie.

Grammar-wise, commas continued to plague me and them there’s the whole said/replied/responded aspect.

Last but not least was the feeling that there were (still does) holes that need filling… You know, that feeling that something’s missing but you can’t say what.

All in all it was a good day as I wrote almost 1000 words (bringing my total close to around 8600 or 8800) and would have done more if not for earlier game of Squirrel and (later) having to get other obligations taken care of.


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