“Thursday Review”… On a Friday

You’re probably wondering why my “Thursday Review” is being posted on A Friday…
For some reason when I went in to write my Thursday Review post  I couldn’t get in to my site…  In fact, I could get in to any part of WordPress (not even the main site (www.wordpress.com).  I tried getting on this morning to no avail, but I’m finally able to get on and ready to write (though there still appears to be some glitches (like not having all my widgets showing and not being able to save to draft or preview post – I’m going on a wing & a prayer here that this posts okay).
I’ll be honest, this is my first real attempt at doing any kind of book reviews.  So here goes….
This week my “Thursday Review”  is a book that was recently launched through Master Koda Select Publishing called Ty the Bull (available on Amazon) by Rex Baughman, K.D. Emerson and Brenda Perlin.
Ty the Bull is about a boy named Ty who not only has to deal with his parent’s divorce but also being bullied at school.  Even kids that he thought were his friends turn against him. In desperation, and not knowing where to turn, Ty starts skipping school.  He meets a new boy along the way who gives him some helpful advice of how to handle the bullies by keeping them “off balance.”  I’ll let you read the book for yourself to see how it all works out.
I found Ty the Bull to be a very enjoyable book.  It gives hope to kids who are bullied that perhaps things can change for the better (and, perhaps, gives insight to those who might be the bully of how it makes the other side feel). Rex, with the help of Brenda and Kim, did an excellent job on this book.  I think it is one that should be read not only by all kids in upper elementary to middle school grades but should also by  those who work with children of those grades (including parents).
Stay tuned next week for my review on Incantation by Linda Bolton.

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