Two Sweet Angels (My WWBH Story for July 16, 2014)

this week our host has been  Heather from Reading, Writing, Everything In Between

Two Sweet Angels

Emily looked down at her two sleeping angels as they lay sleeping in the in the large tan cushiony recliner.  Her oldest daughter susie, who had just turned 6 years old the month before,  had
been begging to hold her little sister since Emily had come home from the hospital with her a couple days previous.  Despite having gotten up early that morning to do some much needed straightening there was still a bit left to do, so  Emily had decided to go ahead and let Susie hold little Sarah for a little while as she worked in the living room where she could keep watch.
Susie had sat dutifully in the large recliner, settling herself back as far as she could so her legs dangled out in front of her.  Emily had placed some pillows around Susie and helped her lean back in the recliner, then gently lay Sarah against Susie’s chest.
“Make sure you keep a good hold of her.”  Emily had instructed her daughter as she showed her how to place one hand on the baby’s back and one gently at the back of her head and neck.
Emily had gone about her work, glancing over from time to time to check on Susie and Sarah.  Each time Susie smiled at her.  “Am I doing a good job, mom?”  She had asked each time.  Emily smiled back at her.  “You’re doing beautifully.”  The last time she had glanced over both Susie and Sarah had fallen asleep. Susie’s hand had slid from its place at the back of Sarah’s to lie next to her. Sarah’s tiny hands rested on top of her sister’s.
Not wanting to wake either one, Emily had covered them both with the pink blanket that had been a gift from “Soldier Moms for new Moms”  An organization that helped new moms, or moms-to-be, whose husbands had recently been deployed.  They offered all sorts of help, advice, and support.  In fact Emily, herself, volunteered with the group.  She had never expected to be a recipient of any gifts from them, but then she had never expected her husband  of just 7 years to be called for deployment only months before their second daughter was due to be born.
Emily glanced up at the roses and card that her husband  Sam had arranged to be sent to her then back down to her two sleeping daughters.  Her eyes filled with tears.  It was the second time that Sam had been called away unable to be there for the birth of his daughter.  Emily thought that it would have gotten easier the second time, but it was just as hard, not having her husband by her side, the second time as it had been the first time.  Thankfully the ladies from Soldier Moms for New Moms had been there for her.  One of the older ladies who, herself, had two grown boys in the army had been at the hospital with her the day Sarah had been born.  Emily remembered her from back when Susie had been born two weeks early.
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12 thoughts on “Two Sweet Angels (My WWBH Story for July 16, 2014)

    1. Thank you Scott.

      When I first looked at the pictures I knew there’d be a birth involved, but had no idea where I was going to go with the story. It just sort of flowed out 🙂


  1. I can only imagine how hard it is without a husband there for support at such a joyous time. I can also imagine how hard it is for a husband not to be there with his wife and family and to be away for both births is doubly hard. Nicely written to show the outside support of the community.


  2. Such a sweet story, Tena. You know, we sometimes hear about soldiers being away on duty during the births of their little ones, but we don’t often get to see/hear what that must be like. You’ve written a piece here that I imagine captures the emotion of what it must be like. Is the Soldier Moms an actual organization? It should be! What a great idea.

    Well done, my friend!


    1. “Soldier Moms for Moms” is not an actual organization but is based on a group that is part of Soldiers Angels which provides similar type of services to new moms whose husbands are away on deployment. I’m not part of that group but am on the “Letter Writing Team” I did take some liberties for the story.


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