#WOWWednesday: Spolight Author Jerrid Edgington

This week the spotlight author at Master Koda Select Publishing is Jerrid Edgington.

When I heard that Jerrid was to be the spotlighted author this week, I was super excited.  In fact, it was Jerrid who steered me in the direction of Master Koda and the Master Koda Facebook  Group.

I believe I first met Jerrid on Twitter where I came across a tweet of his announcing a book he was working on which was the first book in the Racing the Reaper series, which has to do with one of my favorite subjects (Fire/EMS – more specifically, in this case, EMS).  At that time he was in the process of re-editing a previously published book, making it even better than the second.  From Twitter we ended up connecting on Facebook.  The two things that immediately drew me to Jerrid  was his work  in the EMS field (I have a deep appreciation for the guys & gals who work in Fire, EMS, Police, and Military) as well as the fact that he is also a writer.  As I got to know Jerrid a little better, I found that he’s also a great all around guy.

Several months ago, I was honored to have Jerrid on one of the blog talk shows I was doing at the time.  I had a wonderful time talking with him on the show about the new book that had just been released.  The link to the show can be found here as well as the accompanying show notes.  Even before I had Jerrid on the show, I had an opportunity to grill (read the interview) him about his work as a Paramedic and as a writer.  When it came to writing, his first attempts were slow to get out of the gate.  The words just didn’t seem to flow the way he wanted.  In about 2012, he decided to try again and that time the words just flowed as if they were meant to be.  When asked if he would ever decide to give up being a paramedic to become a full time writer his answer is “No”.  He strongly feels that being a paramedic is where he is meant to be and that he didn’t choose the profession the profession chose him.  Through his writing, he takes you on a journey of what it’s like starting out as a young EMT and working through ranks to Paramedic.  He also takes you on a ride in the ambulance and the kind of calls they experience as well as the (behind-the-scenes) emotions that they deal with.

Both books 1 and 2 of the Racing the Reaper series are available for Kindle on Amazon and book 3 is due to be released in the near future (I advise following his blog, Words from the Edge, to stay in the ‘Know’)

Cover Art by Rebbekah White



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