#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop July 23, 2014

Here is this week’s Blog Hop.  Thank you LeAnne for stepping in.

As you man know, we rotate co-hosts each of us (LeAnne, Heather, Debb, and myself) taking a turn.    On the rare months where there is 5 Wednesdays, we just ask who wants to volunteer.  Usually there is no reason to “pick straws” or any of that as (at least) one of us is willing to step up to the plate – That’s what you get working with such a great group of ladies 🙂   Just to s how the awesomeness of this little group – Debb had volunteered to take this week, but had an unexpected event come up that precluded her doing so.  Immediately, LeAnne stepped in to take over.  Now that’s what I call AWESOME….  But enough of this intro. On to the Hop….


We’re halfway through this week, and a tiny bit over half way through this year. If you had set any writing goals for yourself, I hope things are going well for you! If you haven’t yet reached those goals, this is a perfect week to shoot for the next step.

Perhaps this week’s prompt will inspire the creative energy you need! First let’s take a look at the collection of stories birthed from last week’s photo reveal. Be sure to take some time to read through these and offer the author some comment love. 🙂

Knit, Purl, Purl by Morgan

The Call by Scott Taylor

The Surprise by Sally Stackhouse

Two Sweet Angels by Tena Carr

A Difficult Beginning by Heather Musk

Alrighty, here is a quick reminder of how the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop works:

1) Write a short story (500 words or less) using the photo and five mandatory words.

2) Stay with the 500-word limit.

3) Craft and link your post by next Tuesday evening (10:00 p.m. PST).

4) Link up your story using the inLinkz frog at the bottom of the prompt. Simply click on the frog and enter your story information as prompted. If you need assistance, leave a comment on this post and one of us hostesses will help you. 🙂

Here is your photo and five words:


Mandatory words:




steering wheel


Have fun!


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