Reached My Goal at #CampNanoWriMo

I did it!!  🙂  I reached my word count goal.

Camp Nano 2014-Winner-Facebook-Cover


Even got a nifty little certificate:

camp nano winner_certificate_2014

Only thing is, my name isn’t on it…. But that was what was there after I validated my word count this morning.

OK so a 15K Word goal in a one month period of time may not sound like much (and I’m by no means ready to take on the November NaNo’s 50K word limit minimum), but it’s better than I thought I’d do.

Originally  I had thought to go with an extremely modest 300 word a day goal, which would have come to 9,300  words for the month, but even the (more laid-back) July Camp had a minimum limit of 10,000 words.  that came to about 325 words a day (not much more than the 300 I had originally planned) so I set my goal to that and set to work.  I was doing so reaching my daily goal  (and often surpassing it)  that, about a week in,  I thought I’d raise the bar a bit on myself and go for 15,000 – Still a modest number at just under 500 words a day (incidentally that is the the count we look for in the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop submissions).

Let me break in for a moment with the math for Camp NaNo in November:

50K Words for the month divided by 30 days in November  Comes to…. between 1,666 and 1667 words each day

I don’t know how people do that…  Over 1,000 words each day  (I’m lucky if I manage the time to reach close to 1,000) .  Heaven forbid I were to miss a day in there for whatever reason – I’d be in serious doo doo.

I’ve been asked (even encouraged) by some to try out the Camp NaNo…  to which I think I’ll have to pass (for the reason mentioned above); Not to mention I think you are expected to have an actual WIP for a novel (which I don’t).  Will I be at Camp NaNo next year??  I make no promises this early in the game….  But yeah, sure,  I’ll probably give it a go again.  Not sure what my project will be (have to play that one by ear).

Having a goal to strive for was nice,  but more than that having a place to update your count and “stats” that showed where you were at (and where you needed to be  to reach your goal on time) really helped keep me on track.   And the awesome cabin-mates to support and cheer each other on.   No, there wasn’t anyone physically standing over me forcing me to write or update my word count,  but  I still felt obligated to find time to  write (or in my case type) each day  and update daily.  In my mind, it wasn’t just something I could just blow off (and get to another some other time)…  It was something I had to get done.

I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, but doing this whole Camp NaNo thing has given me a bit of confidence.  I don’t see myself putting together a novel or nothing, but (with what I got written) maybe I can put together a short book of short story romances.  I’ve got the thought of putting together a selection of poems I’ve written as well as a selection of (I’ll call them short story, but they’re really shorter than that) pieces done for the weekly WWBH.

If you missed out on going to Camp NaNo this year because you weren’t sure  you had what it took…  Best advice I can give is —  Take A Chance and GO FOR IT!!!


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