Thursday Review: Incantation

This Thursday my review is on a book called Incantation by Linda Bolton
Cover Art by Rebbekah White

What happens when  by the book, plan-it-out, journalist Christina Meyer does a piece on spontaneous, take chances magician Tristen Bane?  Do the sparks fly? Does Tristen ever plan on settling down?  Will Christina be willing to listen to her heart?  Will either be able to resist temptation?  Read Incantation and find out. I must say, I really enjoyed reading this book.  In all honestly, magic isn’t really my thing and my first thought was to pass this one up….  I’m glad that I didn’t and that I got the opportunity to read it.  I found myself unable (outside of the fact that my family screaming and yelling for my attention) to put my phone/kindle app down – for wanting to see what happened between Tristen and Christina.  Wanting to know would they get together or not and, if they did, would things between them work. out. Ms. Bolton has done an excellent job of combining the world of magic and romance.  I actually found myself enjoying the parts about Tristen and his magic, especially towards the end where he finds there is so much more than him than the dramatic, flair-filled, magic that he had been doing for so many years.  Magic that he was finding himself enjoying less and less (and yet always that invsible push to be better and better).  Through Ms. Bolton’s words you really get a feel for the characters Tristen Bane and Christina Meyers and what each is going through in their minds.  You see the struggles of each, especially Tristen as he deals with his own ghosts from his past.

 If you are at all into Magic, Romance  (or both) I suggest you give Linda Bolton’s Incantation a read…  Any maybe check out what other books she’s got out there.
{Note:  Rebbekah White also does art work for Indie Authors at}

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