To Love Again (My WWBH Story)


MANDATORY WORDS:  murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual
MANDATORY WORDS: murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual

Jodi couldn’t remember the last time she had been this happy.  In fact she didn’t think she ever would be after husband of  nearly 20 years had died suddenly.

They had married young, barely out of High School.  Friends and family alike had tried to talk them out of it saying it wouldn’t work, not with them being so young and Jason’s murky upbringing.    But they had been triumphant and despite everyone’s misgivings they had celebrated 20 years together before Jason fell ill and died.

Jason had been Jodi’s entire world and she had loved him deeply, as he did her.  After his death she didn’t know what to do with herself and for a while had fell into despair, no longer interested in any of the things that used to interest her.  It was her best friend, Sally, who encouraged her to take a foreign language course being offered at the local community college.

“You are really quite lingual.” her friend had encouraged. “I think you would do very well.”

Jodi had decided on German, the language of her ancestery.  Something she had never really paid much attention to in the past, but had decided it was high time she did.  It was through the course that she had met  Robert.  Robert had also lost his wife of 25 years and, like Jodi, was just starting to get out and be apart of life again.

Robert and Jodi struck up a conversation the first day and afterwards, Robert asked Jodi if she might like to meet for a cup of coffee to which Jodi agreed.  They  found themselves talking for hours in the quaint little coffee shop.  They talked about all sorts of things including things they knew about their heritage.   Jodi learned that like her’s, Robert’s family also liven within German territory.  She also learned that Robert came from a long line of hard workers.  Also, like herself, he had loved his spouse very much and was uncertain that he would ever be interested in marriage again.

Over the months they continued to meet for coffee and the friendship between then continued to grow.  It was a surprised Jodi  who answered “yes” when Robert asked if she might consider marrying again, to him.  They decided on a simple affair with just a few friends and family and, in honor of their German heritage, they would serve  hasenpfeffer stew at the small reception afterwards.


6 thoughts on “To Love Again (My WWBH Story)

  1. A grief shared turns into love shared. It’s lovely that they could find love again after losing the loves of their lives. I bet loving again would seem impossible. Nicely done, Tena. 🙂


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