Just A Note (My WWBH Story)

Remember the days when folding up notes into intricate patterns of Origami like designs was all the fad.  Sneaking those same notes under the desk (supposedly outside the teacher’s watchful eye – not that the teacher didn’t know what was going on) across the classroom to the cute guy that sat three or four rows over and a couple rows in front of you?  Yep, that’s how it all got started for   Mary Beth  and Gregory.  Well, except that Mary Beth had sent the note more as a dare than anything else never expecting that Gregory would return a note back in her direction with just four scrawled words on it,  “I think you’re cute too.”

They had been 6th grade back then and back in those days dating wasn’t really something that kids did till at least part way through Junior High and even then it was mostly done in groups.  Still, she and Gregory found plenty of time to spend together during recess, during lunch,  and even walking together (amongst there other friends).    In Junior High, when Mary Beth parent’s finally allowed her to start “dating” (provided it was always with a group of friends), it was a natural progression that her and Gregory would end up dating.  Everyone had pretty much expected it.  And when they were still dating in high school, “real dating” at that point, no one had a been a bit surprised.  In fact, everyone had expected that Mary Beth and Gregory would marry after high school.  What wasn’t expected was that Gregory would end up joining the army and Mary Beth would decide that she needed to date other guys.  After all,  Gregory had been the only guy she had ever dated… for a good six years he had been her boyfriend – her only boy friend.

It wasn’t until Greg had come home one day, on leave, that Mary
Beth had realized how much she loved him, how much they belonged together.  They had spent hours together  just walking along the fence that led along the main alley through the middle of town.  One day, Gregory had reached down to the single lone bush of red flowers that grew along the fence and picked one, handing it to Mary Beth.  It was then that he proclaimed that he still loved her.

They had married in a whirlwind before Gregory was due to return to base.  That had been 30 years ago.  Thirty years, and three kids, later. they were still as much in love as ever.  Similar flowers adorned the fireplace mantle below where pictures of Mary Beth and Gregory, along with their kids and even some grandkids hung.

Inspired by these pictures by Leanne Sype

flowers and chainlink fence








Also Inspired by George Strait’s Check Yes or No.



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