#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – August 13, 2014

Oyyyy  and Double Oyyyy.

Checked my email this morning to find a message from one of Blog Hop ladies asking who was on for hosting this week’s “Hop”  followed a second later with the “Ohh Shit, it’s me” thought on my part.  In the midst of everything that had happened yesterday (including one broken down truck) – I won’t go into details, I had completely forgotten to put together the code for this week.  No biggy,  “give me a little bit to get a few things off my plate and I can throw something up.”….. Ummmmm…. right.  Finally, several hours after I had originally (though already late) planned to get the Hop Kick-Off for this week posted,  I finally have it done and ready to go.

So first, let’s look at last week’s stories:

And since I was the one hosting the hop this week, I sort of cheated and added my own story at the last minute (okay, I downright cheated ;-P).

And now, for this week’s hop;

The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it to about 500 words (no worries, not like we’re counting just be fair to the readers)
  2. You must use both pictures in your story
  3. Link to the froggy thing below when you’re done (or comment to your host:  Leanne, Debb, Heather, or myself).
  4. Most Important:  HAVE FUN!!! and Let those Creative Juices flow.

The pictures you must use are:

IMG_2348 IMG_2112


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