Thursday Review… A Long Time Coming: Racing The Reaper

I’ve had the pleasure of leaving a short review for “Racing the Reaper” and “Resuscitation” (both by Jerrid Edgington) on Amazon & Goodreads, as well as writing short review type blurbs on my one of my other blogs.  But I have not yet taken the opportunity to actually blog on my Thursday Review.
Cover Art by Rebbekah White
Of couse I should make the admission here that I might just be a tiny bit  prejudiced with this book.  After all the books in question are related to one of my most favorite subjects – Paramedicine…  I always love a good Emergency Medicine story 😉
That aside, Jerrid has done a wonderful job bringing you fully into the world of a Paramedic.  All the way from the beginning when Jacob, after a life altering accident, decides he wants to leave his office job and become an EMT through to his becoming a full-fledged paramedic.  Along the way,  Jacob deals with the ups and downs of the job. There are many twists and curves along the way as Jacob also deals with a stalker, with a shaky romance, and even a death of someone close.    You’ll just have to read the books for yourself to find out the excitements that await Jacob at every turn.
I look forward with, not so patient, anticipation to reading book three when it comes out (side note:  part of my Amazon Gift Card money is being held just for that specific purpose).
You can order both of Jerrid’s book’s Racing the Reaper  and the sequel:  Resuscitation on Amazon.  And follow his blog (Author Jerrid Edgington) for updates on book three in the series:  Reaper’s Requiem.

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