A Little “getting to know you” Fun

Came across this via Writing Wings for You (who came across it via FlippyZipFlop)

I just got through participating on my “personal” blog Jottings and Writings and may even participate on the family blog Life Happens

1. How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start?
I just recently began this blog maybe a couple months ago. I just decided I wanted to separate my “writings” (including writing challenges I come across through my blog reader). “possessed” might be an apt term in my case – Seeing as how this is blog #4 that I started.

2. What do you like to blog about?
Simple… Stuff relating to writing. Seriously, this blog is (suppose to be) all about writing. Thoughts, Tips, Book Reviews, Introducing authors, and (of course) my own writings.

3. What types of bloggers do you follow?
other writers/authors if they (their blog) touches/reaches me in some way. I don’t just automatically follow writers and authors as a matter of course… I’m not interested in blogs that are only about promoting their own works and shoving it down my throat.

4. What country are you from. If from the US, what state?
United State, Arizona (about 2 hours South of Phoenix).

5. Have you ever been published?
No. I am working on a project to “self publish” my mothers books (as well as her artwork – feel free to contact me about more on that). I would also like to put together something of my own to publish. And before you get into the importance of editors & publishers, I know. Unfortunately limited income limits the ability to even remotely consider such things.

6. Are you a writer or a photographer?
honestly, I can call myself neither… And yet I enjoy both. Here, I am a writer mostly.

7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique.
can’t say it’s unique… When I was younger, my step-mom would send me to my room and make me sit on my bed as punishment… It never was much of a punishment as I really didn’t care that I wasn’t out around family (preferred being by myself) and I could spend hours making up stories in my head. I still like making up stories in my mind. Writing them down? Not so easy.

8. Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place.
Have to pass on this. Only thing is that I like to share info that I come across on my Social Media platforms: Twitter and Facebook (Page).

9. Do you have any children? If so, how many and what ages?
I have a (just turned) 13 year old son.


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