Sunday Photo Fiction

The Photo this week:
by Sunday Photo Fictioner

Andrea played, idly, with the game that sat on her desk. As a child it had been her favorite game to play with whenever she visited her grandmother. When grandma died, several years ago, shortly after Andrea had graduated high school, the game became Andrea’s… Specifically willed to her.

As she watched the metal balls going back and forth, Andrea found herself wishing she could go back to the simpler times of her childhood. How quickly things became complicated as an adult.

How had she and Mike gone from good friends to lovers? And what did that mean to their future? Did they even have a future together? Question after question arose in Andrea’s mind. Questions seemingly without answers. What if she became pregnant? Would Mike be willing to marry her? Of course they were careful to always use protection but as Gramma Beverly always use to say, “Things occur.”

Andrea reached for her phone to call Mike just as it began to ring.

“Hello?” Andrea said, answering on the first ring.

“Hi, Andrea, it’s Mike. I was wondering if we could do lunch today.”


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