Something In His Eyes…. (My #WWBH Story)

The sun was just setting, hovering over the horizon like an icon, as  Jason and Melanie walked along beach of the small coastal town .

“Marry me.”  Jason said suddenly.

“What?!?”  Melanie said,  wondering if she had just heard him say what she thought she had.

“Marry me.”  Jason repeated.

Yep, that’s what she thought she had heard him say.  Melanie lifted her gaze to Jason’s to gauge whether or not he was joking.  He certainly did like to play his practical jokes.  But this time there was none of mischievous glint that was always present in his eyes whenever Jason was teasing or playing a prank….  He was actually serious.

“I don’t know what to say.”  Melanie responded, “I…

“Yes, would be a good place to start.”    Jason replied with a playful grin, though his eyes  portrayed his obvious nervousness.

There was something about his eyes that had drawn  Melanie to him.  It had been the first thing she had noticed when he had come to her door, nervously attempting to sell  encyclopedia subscriptions.  She had been so exasperated with yet another “sales”  person coming to her door that day that Melanie had nearly slammed the door in his face before he could even start speaking.

Something had stopped her from reacting so meanly,  not her normal demeanor, and allowed her to politely refuse his offer.  To Melanie’s chagrin, Jason had showed up at her door a few days later  this time with a single pink rose.

“I’m sorry to stop by unannounced like this, but I didn’t know…  didn’t have any other way to contact you.”  He had said as he handed her the delicate flower…

“What do you say, Melanie?”  Jason asked, pulling Melanie from her revery.  “Will you marry me?”

Melanie still didn’t know what to say.  She knew that in less than a week he would be going to the bus station to travel to Fort Brill for Basics.   Could she really marry him that quickly…

“How could we possibly marry so quickly” she asked, “I mean you leave in less than a week….”

“So we’ll get married when I return home,”  Jason replied,  “Just say that you’ll marry me…  Please.”

“Okay, Yes,  I’ll marry you.”  Melanie said with a laugh

Jason took a hold of both of Melanie’s hands in his own, pulling her so that she stood toe to toe with him.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?”  He asked as he kissed the tip of her nose before sliding his lips down to gently cover hers.  his hands still holding hers.


The Above story was inspired by the photo below provided by this week’s blog hop host, Leanne

sunset kiss

there’s still time to join if you hurry…  Submissions end Tuesday


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