#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – Wednesday September 24, 2014

I apologize for my tardiness in posting this week’s blog hop. This week we have Debb Stanton at the wheel. As always we look forward to your entries. So buckle up and enjoy the fun… Ready? Let’s go.

Hello dear friends! Happy First Day of Autumn! I don’t know about you, but Autumn to me means: back to writing. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to write a story but this week, but I’ll give you a hint: The three stories below all touched me and made me smile. Take a look:
The News by Scott Taylor
Trick In The Treat by Leanne Sype
Will You… by Heather Musk
I challenge myself, and you, too, to submit a story by next Tuesday evening, September 30th. In case you aren’t familiar with the guidelines, they are:

1) Use the two photos or one photo and five mandatory words, whatever is given, in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your story to the little blue frog at the bottom.
4) Have fun, don’t stress, and let those creative juices flow!
5) Check back next Wednesday to read the new stories — if they touch you in any way, please feel free to reblog them.
Okay…ready for the prompts? I held back from choosing five words (my favorite kind of prompt) and will go with the two-photo prompt idea…
Your Blog Hop Hostesses:


4 thoughts on “#WWBH Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – Wednesday September 24, 2014

    1. With blogging, in general, people blog or “write” (also called a blogpost) about all sorts of things depending on their focus and/or interest. There are innumerable things in which people will blog about. Some are factual, some are fictional or stories, some write about their day, or their travels, some about the kitchen/cooking, some give helpful advice…. The list goes on.

      The particular blogpost you commented on is known as a “blog hop”. In this particular one, 4 ladies (including myself) have gotten together. Each week, one of us hosts the “hop” for that week. The idea is for other bloggers to write a story, on their own blog, in a blogpost created for the hop that uses the 2 photos (like this week) or 1 photo/5 words depending on what the host has decided to use. Bloggers then enter the url for the story by clicking on (what we commonly call) the “froggy”. We ask that the fact that it is for the “Writer Wednesday Blog Hop” be referenced and photos (with proper credit) as well as any required words be shown.

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