Thursday Review: Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies

After a long (unintended) break, I am back with my “Thursday Review”.  My goal is to try for a Review once a month (at the beginning of the month).  This month  my read was Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies by G Mitchell Baker with Jane Carroll.



Before I got around to reading this book my son, not quite 13 at the time, read it.  I had hoped to get him to do a brief review on what he thought of the book but was unable to get him to do so.  He did tell me that he liked the book (even though it wasn’t on a topic that really interests him – science, weather, chemistry, geology, vulcanology).

I, also, found this to be a great book.  It’s not just about sports and soccer and baseball, but about a town coming together after a major disaster hits.  It’s about learning to work together, about teamwork.

But it isn’t all rosebushes and clear skies.  When a tornado hits the town destroying one playing field, while leaving another untouched, tempers fly as a decision is made, by the mayor of the town, to share the untouched field by two different teams the “Dominion Daughters” Soccer Tommies (or Dom Dots) and the Pirate Baseball Mommies.

Will the two teams work out their differences?  A second disaster to the town of Belleville provides the answer in this adventure filled book for the young adult reader.

You can find Mr. Baker on the following Social Media Sites:

Ms. Carroll can be found on:


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