The Nanny’s Secret Feelings (My #WWBH Story)



Abby watched the three children in her charge as they played along the river front.  The children had taken off their shoes earlier so as to not risk getting blisters as they played and their shoes stood near by all pointing towards each other.  Like their father, the kids were all quite meticulously in their ways.  All of them even the youngest, a little girl of 6, always kept their belongings neat and in perfect order.  Abby suspected that this had much to do with their father’s own detailed and thorough ways.

That their shoes pointed towards each other rather than in the straight line that might be seen in the belongings of their father could likely be explained by the fact that while the kids closely watched, and were influenced by, the actions of their father, they were still very much children.  That and the fact that though they had their quarrels (as  brothers and sisters would), they were nonetheless quite close to each other.

For a brief moment, Abby’s thoughts went to the children’s father,  Andrew Bishop.  The young widow was the epitome of tall, dark, and breathtakingly handsome.  He certainly took away Abby’s breath on numerous occasions.  But while he was friendly towards her, perhaps (on occasion) a bit more than just merely friendly, there had not been any clear indication that he was interested in anything more.  Her place in his life was only professional, as the caregiver of his three young children whom she had come to love dearly as if they were her own.

Abby’s thoughts were disrupted by the sounds of  the little girl shrieking loudly, in a terrified manner.  Abby glanced up in time to see the younger boy, Billy, running towards the young girl, named Jenny.

“ARRRGGHHHH”  Billy cried  making a sound like that of a pirate as he ran towards Jenny  who let out a loud, shrill, shriek her frock flying around her legs as she ran away.

“Billy”  Abby was just about to admonish when Gregory, the oldest of the three children, by only a couple years, spoke up.

“Billy” Gregory called to his younger brother,  “Don’t be antagonize our little sister.

“Antagonize?”  Billy asked questioningly.

“It means to annoy” Abby supplied helpfully, rewarding Gregory with a smile for his efforts to try thwart a problem between the younger children.

“Ohh,” replied Billy thoughtfully, “Well I was only having a bit of fun.  I didn’t mean to anat… anten… to annoy you.”

“I forgive you”  Jenny replied in her child-like way.

“I see you have the situation under control….”

Abby looked up sharply to see the kids father standing nearby his hair greased back the way he normally wore it.

“MMMister Bishop”  Abby stammered in surprise  “I didn’t expect….  What brings you here?  I thought you were in a meeting.”

It finished earlier than planned and I thought I’d join you guys…  And please, I wish you would call me Andrew” he replied warmly, “It sounds much more personable.

This story was written for the weekly  WWBH blog hop.  Join us each Wednesday for a new writing prompt.



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