A Short Story – #FreeWrite Day at the Daily Post

Today the folks at WordPress – Daily Post are having a “Free Write” day.  The rules stating to write for 10 minutes on whatever the blogger/writer so chooses.

I just need to think about how to proceed and then we’ll get started….

Monica pedaled quickly through the intersection as the traffic light changed from green to yellow, letting out a heavy breath of relief  as she made it through just as the cross traffic light changed to green.  She became aware of flashing lights behind her, followed by the yelp yelp of a siren.  Slowing slightly, Monica thought that the sirens would pass.  Instead they seemed to slow with her.   Moments later a uniformed officer wearing sunglasses and a helmet appeared behind her.  Monica struggled to recall (for certain) the nature of the light as she had passed underneath…  It had only just turned yellow as she passed under – hadn’t it?!?

“I I I…  I’m sure the light was green when I went through”  Monica stammered nervously.

“Relax.”  The officer exclaimed his lips turning upwards into a smile.

“Relax?” Monica thought to herself

“Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble.”  the officer continued.

“Ohhh, then why did you pull me over?”  Monica was curious to know.

“I figured it was as good a way as any to stop you and say “Hi” the officer said as he removed his helmet.

Recognizing the young officer that she had met…  (at this point time ran out)

Note that the above short story is entirely fictional and, in no way, represents actions that would be taken by any LEO.


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