A Weekend Together: My WWBH Story October 08, 2014

Note: The story below includes scenes that, while not graphic, are sexual in nature  and may not be suitable to all audiences


Marcelle looked through a variety of packs available at the sporting goods store.  She was looking forward to the upcoming camping trip with her boyfriend, Brett.

Marcelle and Brett had gone on a number of camping trips together, since they had started dating several months earlier, but this would be their first together unchaperoned.  Brett had always been very respectful  of Marcelle.  Never pushing her beyond her comfort level, never asking for more than what she was comfortable with intimacy-wise.  It was for these reasons that Marcelle was comfortable with going with Brett on this camping trip that they had been planning for the last couple weeks.

After continuing to look through the packs for a few minutes longer, Marcelle decided on a camo-desinged one that included a couple smaller, “bonus” bags.  There was another pink-camo bag next to it, but Marcelle preferred the regular camo;  And, the small bags would most likely come in quite handy in some way.

Next Marcelle decided to stop off at the local drug store.  She picked up a couple odds and end items she needed for the camping trip and fora around the house.  Just before checking out, she decided to grab a small package of condoms.  It wasn’t that Marcelle necessarily expecting there to be such intimacy taking place this weekend, but she thought it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared – Just In Case.


That evening,  they sat by the campfire enjoying the firelight.  Earlier, Brett had pulled Marcelle playfully down on his lap.  Now she sat there learning back, her head resting against his chest.  Brett wrapped his arms about her provided a layer of extra warmth as the fire started to die down to mere embers.

“Guess we should probably call it a night.”  Brett said as he  carefully set Marcelle on her feet and then stood up himself.  He carefully made sure that the fire was completely extinguished  and that there were no live embers.  That done, Brett and Marcelle headed to the tent they had set up earlier.

Inside the tent, Brett leaned over to give Marcelle a kiss.  He had only meant to keep it brief, brief and light.  Instead the kiss quickly became quite heated.  He found himself extremely thankfully that he had thought to come totally PREPARED for this camping trip – including preparation for any intimacy that might possibly take place.  He had figured he’d let Marcelle call the shots and that he’d take her lead, but he had thought it best to be prepared.

The kiss continued to become more heated.

“Time-Out”  Brett finally called when he could take no more.  He reached over into a small toiletry bag that was close by.  As Brett did this, Marcelle turned to her own toiletry bag to retrieve something.

They both turned back towards each other at the same time, each holding a condom packet in their hand.

“I, ummm,” Marcelle stammered blushing nervously….  “I thought I should be prepared.” They both say at almost the same moment.

506 Words

The above story was inspired by the two pictures below.

IMG_2294 Photo Credit: Tena Carr

Photo Credit: Tena Carr

10 thoughts on “A Weekend Together: My WWBH Story October 08, 2014

  1. That’s a really cute story about the dynamics of relationships and how, so often, we are all thinking the same thing. I like the kindness and the love he expresses by being so respectful of his girlfriend. Nicely done.

    Liked by 1 person

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