Waking Up To a Mess (My #WWBH story) – October 15, 2014

Happy Wednesday, folks 🙂 Ready for another Writer Wednesday Blog Hop? Well come on aboard. Heather, take it away….

Photo Credit HJ Musk

Gang, sunrise, breakfast, tablet, plug

It had started out as a beautiful morning.  The kind that makes you want to play hooky and spend the day relaxing or perhaps going on a family outing or picnic.   Marina had woken up to the gorgeous sunrise, thinking it would be nice if they could do just that, take the kids  and go up to the mountains for a family picnic, but she knew that was an impossibility for that day.   She knew her husband had a meeting at the office that day and Marina, herself, had a deadline to meet on a book she was writing.  Leaning over she had given her, just waking, husband a quick kiss before heading down stairs to make breakfast and get ready for the day.

The scene that greeted her downstairs was one of disarray.  It looked as if a gang of hoodlums had ransacked the living area,  a gang of pint-sized little hoodlums Marina thought as she looked at the array of toys all over the floor, mostly belonging to her younger three children.  Marina shook her head as as she leaned over to plug the phone back in and replaced the headset, that had somehow gotten knocked off its cradle.  In truth,  the mess had been leftover from the evening before.  Normally, Marina would have straighten up before heading to bed, but she had been overly exhausted. Knowing that it would be fruitless to get the kids to help with the clean up of toys  and not wanting to take up that fight, she decided she’d deal with it in the next day

Needing to get breakfast started and start getting her older kids up an ready for school so their dad could drive them on his way to work, Marina picked up a few of the larger items  to get them out of the way figuring she’d deal with the rest of the mess a little later in the day.   A couple hours later, Marina’s husband and their older two kids were off to work and school respectively.  The breakfast had been cleaned up and the living area miraculously cleaned.  To her surprise the older kids and her husband had all stepped in to make the job quicker, even the younger ones had managed to help, somewhat.  Now she sat at her makeshift desk in the living area watching the younger kids playing, quietly for now, with their toys as she worked on her tablet to complete her latest book.


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