“Time Together” My #WWBH Story for October 22, 2014


October 22, 2014

Betty laughed as she fed a spoonful of chocolate chip M&M vanilla caramel ice cream to her boyfriend as they viewed the city lights from the vantage point of  the patio of their hotel room.  Roger accepted the spoonful with a smile then playfully returned the favor with an offered spoonful of his own.

Betty had been looking forward to this vacation with her boyfriend and fiance Roger Corter for over a month.  Both worked long hours; Roger working two jobs – one full-time and one part-time,  Betty also working a part-time job on top of a full-time load of classes at the local college.   Time together was precious and vacations together even more so.

Roger and Betty had known each other most all their lives and had  been dating off and on since Junior High.  They were planning to marry in a few months time.

They had arrived in the small town of Truth and Consequences earlier that evening after a several hour drive.  The drive itself was uneventful.  Gorgeous, but uneventful.  After checking in to their hotel, Betty and Roger had decided to check out the city’s sites.  Tomorrow they would check out one of the city’s hot springs spa.  For now they enjoyed a quiet evening together in their hotel room playfully feeding each other bites of ice cream.

As Roger fed Betty a bite of ice cream he accidentally, or purposely, got some on the tip of her nose.  Betty retaliated with another, well-placed, swipe of ice cream on Roger’s nose.  With a laugh Roger playfully licked the spot ice cream on Betty’s nose, his lips landing on hers in a gentle kiss.  A few moments later, Roger pulled Betty over on to his lap.

“I didn’t think we would ever be able schedule a vacation together” Roger said said as he wrapped his arms around  Betty’s waist.

“Nor did I”  Betty replied, snuggling against Roger chest with a contented sigh.

Roger brushed his lips lovingly against the top of Betty’s head.  He couldn’t wait till the day when they would start their new lives together as husband and wife.  He felt as if he had been looking forward to that day nearly his entire life.


The above story was inspired on the below photos provided by our WWBH co-host Debb Stanton (Stanton Sunshine)



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