Thursday Review: Bertha-Size Your Life

Last month my review was on Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies by G. Mitchell Baker with Jane Carroll.  This time I’m back with another book this time by Jane Carroll…..

Bertha-Size Your Life

Bertha is zany, even crazy, with her bright colors (lime green, bright purples, reds) and spontaneous ways but she definitely has some good bits of wisdom that she shares from her “soapbox”  or where ever else she can.  Pour yourself a cup of hot tea (maybe add a little something – as long as your not planning on driving)  and enjoy the wisdoms and witticisms of Bertha  as she provides chapter after chapter of helpful tidbits in all sorts of aspects of life.

Here are but a few of Bertha’s wonderful tidbits of advice:

A quirk of the human mind is to overlook the word ‘don’t’ in our vocabulary – We should concentrate on the things we truly want, rather than what we don’t want

Life is much more enjoyable when lived in balance

You can’t always count on other people to acknowledge you, even though sometimes they will.   You have to acknowledge yourself everyday for whatever you’ve accomplished, even baby steps you’ve taken.   There’s an easy way to do it too.   I call the whole process Bertha-Sizing Your Life.

Too many people wait for something to happen in their lives before enjoying what they have

Put away your worries for safekeeping

Enjoy these and many more…  Hurry and grab your copy of  Bertha-Size Your Life.  Click on the cover art below to order your copy.

Cover Art Credit:  Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

And while your at it, check out the next book in the “Bertha” series (by Jane Carroll)  Becoming Bertha

Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

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