2 minutes… Go…

It’s Friday and that means another round of   Unemployed Imagination’s                 2 Minutes. Go! 

Not being able to decide where to start, I thought I’d go with two different ideas – after all,  It does say to “play” as many times as we want 😉


Molly stared at the email she had just received from Bryan.  He had told her, as much as he could about his trip overseas.  He spoke about their future together and how much he already missed her.  Molly sat their wondering how to tell him the news.

Bryan looked at the email in disbelief.  A million questions entered his mind as he continued reading.  Thankfully, Molly answered most all of them and Bryan let out a deep sigh.  “Hey Man, you okay?”  One of the younger members of his troop asked.  Bryan hadn’t realized he had sighed allowed.



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