Has this ever happened to you? A problem with writing

Have you ever had a story (even a piece of one) in your head, only to have it fly off into the unknown as you attempt to put it to paper???  That’s frequently the situation I find myself in  and (I’ll be honest here) has a huge effect on my ability to think myself a writer…  After all, how can I call myself a writer when I can’t even get mini (not even short) story on to paper (whether physical paper or digital).

The recommendation of using a recorder of some sort has been made and I’ve given it serious thought.  The problem is the stories (or ideas) oftentimes come at times when stopping to record is not possible – for example while driving or doing chores;  Or, they happen at a time when I am not alone to record.  The idea of recording myself in front of others is way to embarrassing to consider.  Being somewhat introverted, speaking to others is an uncomfortable  scenario…  Talking to myself (even if it is to record) is worse – on top of having the uncomfortable situation of talking out loud, I now have the problem of feeling incredibly foolish…  But I have gotten off track (bet you didn’t know that if you get an introvert talking in the safety of a blog, you can’t shut them up ;-).

So back to the story (or story idea) taking flight…

This is exactly what happened to me yesterday.  As I was going about my day – driving, running errands, doing chores – mini stories were flittering about in my mind; some taking a more firm hold in my mind  and yet when I finally sat down at my computer to write them down they were no where to be found.  I did manage to get pieces in my response to the 2 minute writing challenge done by Unemployed Imagination:  2 minutes… Go…



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