I Should Have Told You…..

Judith listened, carefully, to the words on her voice=mail.  Again and again she tried to make out the words, but all she could make out was the last few words said by the familiar (and yet unplaceable) male voice.

“I should have told you months ago.”  Then suddenly the recording ended.

“Who had left the message? and what did he mean, ‘I should have told you.’  Judith wondered.  Told her what?….

Judith tried to think of anything that had happened, no matter how seemingly unimportant, that might give a clue as to what this person might be talking about and who he might be.  But her efforts were frustratingly futile.  She couldn’t think of what he might be referring to and the signal was so broken that she could barely make out his voice.

Finally giving up, Judith decided to go on the next voice-mail.  This time the recording was a lot clearer and, to her surprise, was from the same guy that had left the earlier non-understandable message.  She still couldn’t quite place him, but at least the message was understandable….

“I’m sorry”  the message started out, “my phone cut out suddenly.”

“Apparently I didn’t have a good signal either,” He continued on, “What I had been trying to say was that I know you think I haven’t you noticed you.  I should have told you months ago how I really feel.”

Judith continued to try to figure out who the caller was, who it was that she had a liking to, or who might think she had a liking to.  One man entered her mind, but she quickly dismissed it.  “No Way” she thought, that was impossible…

As she listened, a call came through on her cell-phone.    Judith happened to notice that it was the same number that had been attached to the voice messages she had been listening to.  Curiosity hitting her hard, Judith answered the call.

“Hello?”  she said into the mouthpiece.

“Hi, Judith?”

“Yes.”  This time Judith was able to recognize the caller…  It was the man that she had taken a liking to some months earlier, the one that she had dismissed as a possibility.  “Greg” She inquired, needing to be certain.

Join today’s Daily Prompt: Bad Signal and come up with your own story to what happened or what happens.


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