The Best Damn Mechanic” – Mondays Finish the Story

Learned about this little Finish the Story challenge (apparently taking place on Mondays) through Lyn over at “The Call of the Pen” and thought I’d give it a try:

The photo to inspire us:

And the sentence to get us started:

“He certainly had quite an attitude!”

He certainly had quite an attitude that crazy old mechanic.   No patience for the new fangled ways of today.  Everything computerized and he made no bones about complaining on it.  Complaining about how hard it made a man’s job.  But he was the best at what he did.  Derrick had been a mechanic all his adult life having learned the skills from his boyhood days of helping his grandpa work on the family tractor.  He often told the story of how his grandpa would hand him some tool with the order to “fix the problem”, walking off to head indoors.  He would openly admit that he hated it at the time, but it led him on the road to being one of the “best damned mechanics in the county”.


7 thoughts on “The Best Damn Mechanic” – Mondays Finish the Story

  1. Hey Tena, so glad you jumped on board. Nice to see your new blog too. Sometimes, these old mechanics are exactly what you need–especially if you have an old car with no computer chips. Good one 😀
    P/S thanks for the pingback too 😉

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