A Beautiful Day to be Alive (My WWBH Story for 11/5/2014)

It just another day, a day like any other nothing special about it. And yet, for Melanie, it was more than just another day.  It was a special day, a day to be celebrated as was every day she was alive.  But this day more than any other.  This day was the anniversary of the day in which she had first beaten the terrible odds.

Melanie stopped at the lakeside as she did each morning when she did her early morning walks.  As usual, the sun was just rising in the sky.  But this particular day the sunrise seemed to be especially gorgeous.  She felt as if it had been made especially for her in celebration of this special day.   Closing her eyes, Melanie breathed in the crisp morning air.  For a while she just stood there her face upturned to the morning son.  She was thankful to be alive.  Thankful for every breath she took.

It had been about five years ago that the doctors had made their terrible prognosis – the dreaded word that no person wants to hear.  The C word…..  CANCER.  They weren’t able to give even the smallest glimmer of hope as the cancer was already well advanced, more advanced than they had originally thought.  They gave her, at best, only a month.  But Melanie had persevered and beaten the cancer when none of the doctors had believed she could.

She had read everything she could get her hands on that might help her in her fight.  Melanie loved to read and her room was littered with books with information about cancer, medicines; about healthy eating & exercise, and about the usage of natural herbs and oils.  At first, the cancer took a terrible toll and Melanie found it difficult to stick to the regime that she had painstakingly put together through the help of her intensive study, but she kept at it not willing to give up without a fight.  She was determined she would live  or (as the phrase went) die trying.

Two years later the doctors, totally awestruck, had pronounced her in complete remission.  Shortly after that special milestone, Melanie had decided to start a new project, a quilt.  Each month that she was in remission she added a new square to her quilt.  Finally after 3 years her quilt was complete.  She had stayed up later than usual the night before to put the finishing border on her quilt.  The quilt was made up pieces of her life.  A memoir to all that she held dear, all that she was thankful for in her life.  It had been a proud moment for her.  Not just because she had finished the quilt, but because she was alive to finish it and it marked the 5 year anniversary since the day the doctors had first announced that she had beaten the cancer, 3 years – to the day – since they had announced her in remission.

Opening her eyes, Melanie took in one last cleansing breath as she viewed the beautiful sunset and then took off, with a thankful and happy heart, on her morning walk.

My story is inspired by these 2 photographs provided by Debb Stanton who is, herself a cancer survivor. while your over there you should check out her “Cancer” category <http://stantonsunshine.net/category/cancer-2/

sunrise0610 12941_1255214745978_8013524_n-debb-displaying-her-new-quilt.jpg




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