A Bad Call- A #DailyPrompt Story

This story was inspired by today’s Daily Post Prompt:  Trio No. 4

The story  must include the following: a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning.

So here’s my story….

It was a crisp winter morning with just a light dusting of snow on the ground.  So little that it shouldn’t have been all that difficult to drive the roads, not if one drove slowly and carefully and took their time.  But, to add to the already treacherousness of the snow was the fact that the snow covered a thin layer of ice that had formed on the streets over night.    That just added a whole new level of  danger to the equation of driving…  Still, the roads weren’t entire impassable  as long as one took there time and drove with extra caution.

….  The tones went off.  Jason and Alan jumped up  and ran for the ambulance, Jason bringing the mouthpiece of his walkie-talkie up to this mouth as he ran.

“Unit 753 responding”

“Roger, Unit 753,” The Dispatcher said into the radio, You’ll be responding code 3 to an Motor Vehicle Accident at the corner of Brently Rd and Smithson  Map C5″

As soon as they were in the ambulance, Alan started up the rig while Jason radioed for further information.  The information that was relayed back to them  was that it was a multi car collision.  Apparently one of the cars had been speeding and ran a red light T-Boning another car sending it careening across the intersection and into a third car.

Jason looked over to his partner who was listening to the relay of information that was coming over the mic.  This was going to be a bad one, really bad.

He hadn’t been wrong in his assessment of how bad the call was going to be.  As soon as they drove up, Jason could see that both cars were a tangled mess.  Firefighters were already on scene working on the extrication process of both drivers.  It wasn’t until they had gotten out of the ambulance that they realized there was yet another victim  a young pedestrian who had been crossing the street at the time.

Thankfully the car that had been the furthest from the speeding car had suffered little damage and in fact the driver and her daughter were able to walk away relatively untouched.    One of the firefighter/EMTs had checked them over and, after a quick check by Alan, it was decided they would be okay to go home without a need for hospital transport.  Alan had, of course, read them usual spiel  “any unusual symptoms they should go straight to ER or call 9-1-1”

The other to drivers (who thankfully had not had anyone else in the car with them) had not been quite so lucky.  The driver that had been t-boned had been extremely lucky.  just a few more inches forward from where he had been hit the outcome could have been much different.  Even still  he was in bad condition and definitely would require a ride to the hospital.  The driver of the speeding car was  in much worse shape and considered critical.

The last victim of the accident had been the worse…  Being the senior paramedic on scene, Jason was given the task of pronouncing on scene.  The injuries were such that there was complete incompatibility with life.  Nothing could be done.  Jason radioed in for final approval to pronounce then carefully  covered the body.    As bad as he felt he was most sorry for the person who would have to make the phone call to the family of the young pedestrian.  As bad as the driver of the speeding car was injured, he could only hope that there didn’t end up being a second phone call to be made as a result of the accident.


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