The Value of Hard Work and Life – My #WWBH Story (November 12, 2014)

The picture for this week was:

Courtesy of Wikipedia

And the 5 Required Words:

  • Footloose
  • Inherit
  • Genuflect
  • Stun
  • Audacious

and my short story……

Jonathon held the folded flag respectfully in his lap as the bugle played ‘TAPS’.  His thoughts were, with genuflect, on those who had died – Giving their lives for their country.  He thought of his comrades who had died years ago when he himself was in the service and all who had sacrificed their lives after his tour of duty was over.  Even now nearly half a century later he didn’t understand why so many of his comrades had to die while he had gone on to live a full and prosperous life.

So many of his comrades had had their whole lives ahead of them and  yet they were taken from the world too soon.  It was part of war and he had accepted it as such, but he hadn’t liked it – then or now.    Jonathon recalled the days before the war, before being thrust into adulthood.  The days when he was “Footloose and Fancy Free”.  Even in those days, however, children were raised to be respectful to their elders and to all service personnel and were raised to value hard work and appreciate the value of life.

He was stunned to see that these days that respect just didn’t exist like it use to.   He didn’t say anything as some young whippersnapper (about the same age as himself when he was enlisted in the army) was audacious enough to set their booted foot upon his chair, just inches from the flag he held.  Jonathon wanted to reach over and cuff the lad on the ear but he held his hand, and his tongue, knowing it would do little good.  You just couldn’t get through to these kids many of which had life handed to them on silver platters.

Even with the little bit of an inheritance he had received from his grandparents an inheritance they had worked hard to save up for him, he had had to struggle to make a decent start in life.  No,he thought to himself sadly, kids these days just didn’t know the meaning of true sacrifice and hard work.  They didn’t know or understand how valuable life truly was.  Didn’t appreciate the freedoms they had or those who had died that they might enjoy those freedoms they took for granted.

Check out the other stories submitted by clicking on froggy below (and if you hurry you can submit your own story – you have till this evening.  If not mistaken, our next host is Heather at Reading, Writing, Inbetween.


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