(First) Author Interview with Brenda Perlin

Came up with a new thing to add to my blog repertoire.  Once a month I will be doing an Author Interview.  As much as possible, I will try to make it so the author interview will correlate with the Thursday Review posted the month prior.  I am working, also, on interviews with authors whose books I already reviewed and will be fitting them in.

I had originally hoped to maybe have my first “interview” be with author Jane Carroll to correlate with my Thursday Review on Bertha-Size Your Life (done earlier this month), but I don’t seem to have the answers I yet (or have misplaced said email)…  On second thought I’m thinking that may actually be a good thing since the author interview would/should be in the month following that of the Thursday Review (make any sense?  No?  That’s okay)….

So, to get the ball rolling so to speak, I thought I’d do my first “Author Interview on an equally wonderful author whose book was the first one I reviewed –  Ty The Bull, written by Brenda Perlin.

Tell the readers when it was that you first know you wanted to be a writer and why? What, or what events, decided this journey for you?

I never planned on being a writer but my mom always wanted to be a journalist or columnist, as she called it. When I was young I wrote short stories and then when I was a teen I began writing for fun on napkins in coffee shops. It felt very freeing sitting there amongst strangers spilling out my guts. I only decided to start writing my memoirs when I was getting pressure to do something with my life from my husband. This was my way of doing ‘something’.

My mom was never able to fulfill her dream so in some way a part of me is doing this for her.

What Inspires your writing?

These days I really do need to feel inspired. Not like the old days when I would just sit there until the words came. Now I write when I am processing something. A light bulb needs to go off before the words flow. If I were more disciplined I would write everyday, the way I used to. There is nothing better than when the words come together like pieces of a puzzle. It’s the best feeling!

What do you like to do while you are writing to help you write (other than writing)?  Do you have a favorite beverage to drink while writing?

I do need to be comfortable. I can’t be cold or without some kind of a drink. I drink tea or water usually and having sucking candies by my side. I like to write with music on just as much as I like writing with complete silence. When I am in the zone it doesn’t much matter. 

What advice would you give to those who think they might want to be a writer?  And also to those who already know and have just started out on the journey of writing?

I would tell them that they should not change things in their writing to please anyone else but themselves. You will never please everyone so it is best to be true to who you are. Another big piece of advice I would give is to tell them to seek out a good editor. Too many Indie writers put out books that are sloppy and unprofessional. Your reputation is at stake and people are not so forgiving. I believe we all need editors so it is nothing personal.

If they are considering a publisher I would tell them to make sure they have an attorney read over the contract before they sign anything. My first experience with a publisher was a disaster and I had to fight my way out of a bad SEVEN year contract. 

Tell us a little bit about the very first book you wrote (or remember writing).  Briefly, what was it about  and why/what made you decide to write it?

The first story I ever remember writing was in grade school called Alexandria the Great. It was about an outcast. It seems I relate to that subject even to this day. All my books deal with outcasts, rejects or people being bullied.

Tell us about the latest book you wrote.  Briefly, what was it about and why/what made you decide to write it.  Also what makes this book different, in your mind, than your first book.

My latest book is the last book in my Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles called Fractured Vows which is based on my boyfriend’s life. It is his coming-of-age story and then deals with the obstacles he had to endure while trying to get out of a bad marriage. And a struggle it was!

It is the first book that I have written from a males point of view. It’s the only book in the trilogy that is not based on my life. That made it a bit more difficult since I am not a fiction writer. I had to work hard to get this story out and keep it as factual as possible. That was not such an easy task. 😉

Anything else you want to add that I didnt ask about?

Recently I wrote a short story called Alex the Mutt: From Death Row to Cozy Home. This was the kind of story that I wrote where the light bulb was going off in my head. I had the idea and the story was pretty much written in less than an hour. This came out of the blue but I knew I had to get this story out and as it happened, within a short period of time I released it amazon.com. The subject of rescuing animals in need is very dear to my heart and that is where the passion part took over. Now my biggest obstacle is how to market this book. More than anything I want people to read it who don’t realize that you don’t need to go to a breeder or pet store to find the dog of your dreams.

Where can people connect with you? 

Amazon Author page

Website for Brenda Perlin

Website for Blossoming Press

Blog:  BrooklynAndBo


Google +

Twitter:  BrooklynandBo

Facebook Pages:

Blossoming Press

Alex the Mutt

Ty the Bull

Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles

Book Trailers:

Shattered Reality (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book One)

Burnt Promises (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Two) 

Fractured Vows (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Three)

Ty the Bull

Alex the Mutt: From Death Row to Cozy Home


Thank you to your readers for taking the time to check this out and to you Tena for being kind enough to want to share my story. 🙂



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