Running For Her Life – My #WWBH Story (November 19, 2014)

Her denim skirt whipped around legs, at times so tight she thought she might fall in a heap in the ground.  But somehow she found the strength to keep going, to keep running.  She couldn’t stop.  Not when stopping  meant falling victim to the trap that had been set for her.  Not when it could mean her very life.   She felt as if the whole galaxy was closing in on her as she struggled for each little step, for each little breath.  Her legs ached, her lungs ached, hell every atom in her body ached. The saltiness of her tears stung her eyes so that it was difficult to see.  But she kept on – one step at a time  second after second, minute after minute.  How long she had no idea.  Time ceased to mean anything any longer.  All that mattered was running.  Running until she found the safety of old magician.  The one that lived along the waters edge.  No one knew his exact abode.  No one had ever seen it.  She only knew that it he lived there and that she must find him if she was to have any chance of being safe again.

Approaching the water’s edge, she kept her eyes open.  Not wanting to make a sound to call out until she was certain the magician was nearby.  Calling out her name would draw attention to herself.  Something she couldn’t afford not until she knew the magician was nearby  and close enough to be of assistance.  Then, suddenly, she saw something.  Two small glimmers of light that skimmed and bounced along the waters edge.  At times coming almost next to each other, at others flying apart as if they might go in totally opposite directions.  It was now that she called out to the magician.  Her voice just barely above whisper and even that rang loud in her ears, her fear so great.  The 2 glimmers of light bounced around in their erratic way.  Again she called, slightly louder…  As loud as she dared.  Her breath caught in her throat.  The two glimmers of light began to merge together, becoming a larger light that grew and grew until they illuminated into that of a elderly man.  She wondered briefly if she had made a mistake.  How could this decrepit looking old man be of any help to her when her very life was in danger.  What could he do except maybe some magic?!?  She hoped it would be enough, for he was her last hope.  Her only hope.  She watched in disbelief as he was once again illuminated in a bright light, seeming to disappear into it.  Only to appear once more…  As a knight might on a white steed.

The story above was written for the WWBH challenge dated November 19, 2014 and was  inspired by the following picture:

Photo Credit HJ Musk

Using the following 5 (required) words

  • salt
  • galaxy x
  • denim x
  • trap x
  • magician x


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