The End of a Love: A Sunday Photo Fiction Story

Joining Sunday Photo Fiction for another 200 word challenge.  Here is the picture to inspire and my story starts below

s93 12 December 28th 2014


The End of a Love

The fireworks lit up the sky.  Gorgeous arrays of Reds, Whites, and Blues.  But Amanda wasn’t thinking about the fireworks, she was thinking about her relationship with Gregory.  She had tried to make things work between them, really she had.  But despite the similarities between them and the fact that they both enjoyed the types of things there just wasn’t that spark that she was looking for.  Amanda felt Gregory’s arm slip around her shoulder and she let them sag as the heavy weight of how to tell him what she was thinking hit

“Amanda,  there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.”  Gregory said interrupting her thoughts.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this but I’ve been thinking that maybe we just aren’t quite the right match for each other…. I mean I’ll always think of you as one of my best friends, but I think maybe we’d be happier with other people.”

Amanda could only nod with a nostalgic tear in her eye as Gregoy leaned in and gave her one last kiss, for old times sake…. But she knew it was truly over between them.



Last #WWBH Hop …. For 2014

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, what ever it is you celebrate, and that you all have a very Happy & Blessed New Year.

This is the last of the Holiday Hop specials, as well as the last hop of 2014. We will be back next week with new prompts for you to flex your creative muscles… In the meantime here’s Leanne with this week’s Holiday Hop post

Happy new year text on typewriter

We’re counting down the final hours of 2014 to a Happy New Year, 2015! To round out the year here at the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, we’re shining a light on a few of the bravest writers we know, who gave the blog hop a try for the first time this year!

May all of the following authors and their flash-fiction stories inspire you to challenge your creative side and give Writer Wednesday Blog Hop a whirl in 2015!

We kick off the new year with fresh prompts on January 7th–so check back next week. 🙂

Shiny new participants

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning by Josh Bertetta

Dream Come True by Karen Knapp

Moongrape by Luccia Gray

M is For Magical Wedding by Aurora Hylton

Knit, Purl, Purl by Morgan Kellum

Cross Wires by Janni Styles

With Time to Spare by C.R. Fowler

Honorable Mentions (our regular participants whom we love and from whom we eagerly anticipate creative creations this year!)

Button’s Box by Scott Taylor (Top blog hopper with 30 entries in 2014)

Wine and Cheese by Sally Stackhouse (Second top blog hopper with 26 entries)

Gerald’s Promise by Debb Stanton (Tied with Tena with 24 entries in 2014)

Something in His Eyes by Tena Carr

Bigger than the Ocean by Carrie Sorenson

You Just Have to Be Patient by Lyn C.

She Waited by Leanne Sype

Will You by HJ Musk

Tastes Like Chicken by Tony Roberts


The Cabin – A Friday Fictioneer Story (Take 2)

Well this is embarrassing.  It seems I posted my “story”…..  without the story.  My story for this week’s Friday Fictioneer (should be) below the inspiring photo.

I’m back again with another 100 word (give or take) story for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer challenge:

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright -Björn Rudberg


The Cabin

Sarah stood at the bottom of the stairs just as she had in her dreams.  Closing her eyes, she could envision the cabin that she knew stood at the top of the stairs.   Putting one foot on the bottom step, Sarah hesitated.  For just a moment she could feel the chill of a soft breeze  and then just as quick it was gone.  She took another step and then another till, finally, she had reached the top.   The cabin now stood before her and she stood there uncertainly.  It was at this moment that each of her dreams would come to an end.

Highlighting 2014

This is my newest blog and hasn’t even been live a full year…  Infact barely 6 months.  My very first bog?   My First Post (Here Anyway)  back in July of this year.

So looking at my stats so far here are my  top 5 most viewed.

#5 – Aunt Cindy the Hero (a Writer Wednesday Blog Hop story) with 27 views

#4 – I Should Have Told You (a Daily Prompt story)  with 29 views

#3 – Thursday Review:  Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies with 30 views

#2 – WWBH – Kick Off: October 15, 2014 with 38 views

… And the Most Viewed  this year (and so far) was…

My Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Page with 90 views

And my 5 Most Liked are:

#5 – I Should Have Told You

 #4 – Sunday Photo Fiction (I didn’t give the story a title, but it was posted on August 31

#3 – Camp NaNo – Nearing the End

#2 – An Alien Invasion (for Mondays Finish the Story)

#1 – A Pawn in the Game of Life.

Looking back through the months…  Here are my highlights from each month:

In July I joined in with a group of lovely ladies at Camp NaNoWriMo. Rhonda from A Novel Idea, Marie from Writing Wings for You, and Shawn L. Bird (to name a couple).  I started out blogging about my experience over at Jottings and Writings…

…  But then I ended up moving my posts over here

Looking back, my favorite WWBH story, in July, was probably Two Sweet Angels.  It was one of the stories that just seemed to flow.  There were a couple moments where I had to stop as the proverbial Writer’s Block hit, but the flow quickly picked up again.

For August I wrote A Little “Getting to Know You” Fun. 

I really only wrote one story in September worth mentioning – A WWBH story called Something In His Eyes.

In October, I did a “Free Write” post – prompted by the Daily Post.   I would have to say the best Blog Hop story I did this would have had to have been The Nanny’s Secret Feelings.

In November I joined Mondays Finish the Story for the first time.  Mh first “story”  was “Best Damned Mechanic“.  For most favorite WWBH story this month, I couldn’t decide between The Value of Hard Work or A Beautiful Day to be Alive.  And Finally I leave you (for this month) with a Writer’s Funny:  Is There A Cure for Writer’s Block.

Even though these two “stories”, written in December, were written for different challenges I really think they could be put together (purely a coincidental fact) with a few adjustments…

So there you have 2014 and with that I bid you Happy Writing in 2015  and Good Night.

Why Do I Like to Write

Before I put out my Highlighting 2014 for this blog (coming up next post) I thought I’d share my very first blog from Jottings and Writing…  Why am I sharing?    Because it explains Why I Like to Write….

When I write I can formulate my thoughts and my ideas more carefully.  I can  delete and rewrite and redo before sending it on….  writing gives me a chance to think things through.  As I write I can look back at what I’m writing and decide that perhaps I should leave this or that out.  Except for those rare occasions where G-d is giving me the words to say  I often find myself saying the wrong things and embarrassing myself or making people angry.  I’m like a bimbo whenever I open my mouth  and I’m sure to be misunderstood cause I didn’t clarify what I was saying carefully enough (and in our rush rush gotta get there yesterday world how do we do that?)  But in writing  I can use all the words necessary to get my thought and ideas across.

Writing also gives a chance for a little what if in our lives (as long as we don’t expect fictional writing to be reality  and keep it in perspective).  We can have things be different (at least on paper) than they actually turned out.

Do I have a gift of writing and words?  I don’t know….  My mother  wrote children’s books and I’ve read a couple other things she wrote (confirmation and other diary stuff…..  Perhaps  my love of writing is through her…  Whatever it is  I like writing and am more comfortable with it than speaking

#WWBH Writer Wednesday Holiday Hop (December 24, 2014)

We are taking a short holiday break here at WWBH but (in the words of the newest member of our team, Debb)  will be returning with Gusto  on January 07 with fresh new blog hop prompts for you..  In the mean time, Leanne has been gracious enough to  keep things live(ly) by sharing some of our “Favorite Things”….
Gift box with red bow on wood background

(Sing to the tune of “These are a Few of My Favorite Things”)
Five words and pictures, fiction and genres; lots of new authors and creative mantras. The blog hop is ending for two thousand fourteen, these are a few of our faaaavorite things…!

Okay not really things, but stories!

In no particular order of author, month, or prompt, here is the first list of some the stories that stood out in our Writer Wednesday Blog Hop this year. Of course this is not a comprehensive list! There are way too many good ones to post them all–you’ll be reading here until next Christmas. However, we’re posting a second collection of stories next week!

If you have favorite story from the year, just submit it below via the blue frog by next Tuesday! Or you can message your hostess in the comments section. (You can find a list of ALL the stories HERE.)

We’ll kick off a fresh new year of prompts on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 so stay tuned okay?

In the meantime, enjoy!

From the Middle of Nowhere by Tony Roberts

MidnightVisitors by Lyn C.

The Secret by Sally Stackhouse

Playing Emergency by Karen Knapp

A Prayer of Remembrance by Scott Taylor

At Least there’s Wine by Leanne Sype

Two Sweet Angels by Taini’s Writings (Tena Carr)

A Difficult Beginning by Heather Musk

With Time to Spare by C.R. Fowler

Hibbi by Debb Stanton

To Err is Embarrassing by Morgan Kellum

CrossWires by Janni Styles

#ThrowbackThursday Blog Post for December 19, 2014

As you can see this “throwback” post is late.  Not by purpose or choice.  Just sort of ran out of time to get er done.

Since I only recently started this particular blog (not the only blog I have) picking a throw back  could either be seen as really easy or really hard.  Easy in that I don’t have many to choose from, hard in that everything is pretty recent  (within, ohh, the last 6 mo or less).  For this week I’m going with an old Writer Wednesday Blog Hop story I wrote:

A Boy’s Imagination

Here’s an a short excerpt of the beginning:

Aaron looked worriedly out the window watching the clouds roll in as he and his mom drove home after stopping at the store.  At first there had just been a few cumulus type clouds, but that had soon turned into a whole bunch of cumulus clouds that covered the sky.   Now the sky was beginning to darken and stratocumulus were forming.

The Gong of Midnight

The clock in the hall struck midnight.  Sarah could hear the loud booming gong

“bong” “bong” “bong” her heart thudded louder with each gong.  She should be fast asleep, but sleep refused to come.    There was something in the air…  She could feel it.  Something not quite right.  As if pulled by an invisible force Sarah found herself pulling on her night coat and heading out into hall.  The last gong sounded as she went down the hall and out the main entrance.  Outside she stopped for a moment as the cold air hit, only for  a brief moment and then once more she was walking as if led in a specific direction to a specific place.  A place she had been to only in her dreams.

This is my short response to Two Shoes Tuesday challenge Midnight & Mystery

Writer Wednesday #BlogHop Kick-Off (December 17, 2014)

Yeah!!!!  Leanne is back with us from her sabbatical.  We are happy to have her back in good health.

The holidays are a crazy time with a lot of hustle and bustle a time when things can get hectic and crazy.  Leanne starts us off this week some thoughts of comfort during these hectic, crazy times.


It’s that time of year when things tend to get a little bit nutty. Whatever your celebration–Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.–sometimes we all just need a moment to take a break from the bustle and breathe.

Might we suggest taking a little time to engage your imagination and craft your holiday elation or commiseration into a creative story? We’ve had an incredible year of photo prompts every Wednesday in 2014; if you missed one or didn’t have the opportunity to write a story or have no idea what we’re talking about, you can find a list of every single prompt by clicking HERE.

Grab a beverage and a snack and scroll through to see what entices your muse… write a story (500 words or less), include the photo(s) and the date of the prompt you have chosen, submit your story to the froggy link below by next Tuesday night. We’ll publish your story next Wednesday!

We know it’s a busy time of year, friends! May this be a fun and relaxing exercise in the midst of season’s bustle!

Happy Holidays!

Your Writer Wednesday Blog Hop team,
Tena, Debb, Heather, and Leanne