Aunt Cindy the Hero (my #WWBH Story)

This week we are being given the opportunity to write a story for a prompt that we wanted to write one for before, but ran out of time…

There are a number of WWBH Prompts that I had wanted to write a story for and ended up running out of time to get it done.  It would be a chore (and time consuming) for me to go back and look at the prompts and try to figure out which ones I had written for and which ones I hadn’t… and then which of those I wanted to write for.  I do know that I had thought to write for the last regular hop (right around Thanksgiving time) but with prep for Thanksgiving with extended family, Thanksgiving with immediate family, plus Shabbat & weekend…  Well, there just wasn’t time (heck  I have enough trouble finding time under normal circumstances).

So, now that I am given the opportunity to go back and write a story for a prompt I missed (and actually have some time to do so)….  Here’s my story:
grace-familyIMG_12586dPhoto credits: public domain free photo searches on the Internet

Everyone at the table was quiet as they bowed their heads for the usual Thanksgiving prayer.  Emma knew this part of the tradition well.  Gramps, as the eldest male in the house, would lead the family in prayer as he did every year.  The rest of the year Emma’s dad would say the meal prayers, but at Thanksgiving Gramps was given that privilege out of respect. There was something different in the air this year, however.  Even at 5 years old, Emma could feel it.  She knew that her Aunt Cindy (her mamma’s sister) wasn’t with them for Thanksgiving this year, but didn’t really know why.  Emma loved her Aunt Cindy.  Aunt Cindy loved to play with her and read her stories.

“Mamma,”  Emma said in a small voice after Gramps had finished with prayers,  “I miss Aunt Cindy.  I wish she was here.”

Roger heard the tiny gasp from his wife and reached under the table to squeeze her hand.  She squeezed back with a sad smile before turning to respond to their daughter.

“I know you do” sweetheart,” Cathy replied, “Your Aunt Cindy was a very special woman.”

“What happened to her?” Emma wanted to know, “Why isn’t she here?”

Cathy hesitated for a moment.  They hadn’t really talked about the death of her sister, since the night it happened.  She wondered how much to share with little Emma.  She knew that Emma loved her Aunt Cindy deeply more so than any of her other aunts.

“You know that your Aunt Cindy worked on the Rescue Squad as a Paramedic, right?”  Cathy asked of Emma.  Emma nodded.

“Being on the Rescue Squad was a very rewarding job for your Aunt Cindy and she loved being able to help people. But it could also be very dangerous and things could go wrong very quickly.  Your Aunt Cindy was on a call for a drowning accident.  We still don’t really know all of what happened, but somehow she fell into the freezing water and got trapped while trying to rescue the victim.   She died a hero, trying to save another person’s life.  I know it’s sad that she’s not here with us but she will always be in our hearts and in our minds and we can remember the good times with her and remember that she died while helping another person.”

“I won’t ever forget her, I promise”  Emma said solemnly.  “Maybe when I grow up I can do something to help people that are hurt or in trouble like Aunt Cindy”

Cathy smiled warmly at her daughter, “Maybe you can.  And, remember, you don’t have to be all the way grown up to help people in trouble.  There are things you could do even now to help someone….”

“You mean like knowing how to use 9-1-1 if there’s an emergency or how to listen & feel to know if someone is breathing and has a heart beat”  Emma replied, talking about what Aunt Cindy had taught her…

“Yes, sweetheart, just like that.”

There’s still some time left to write your story for that “missed” prompt that you always wanted to write for.    Go to WWBH Kick-Offs for look at past  hops.  You can also check out the stories submitted for past hops on my WWBH Page


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