Her Last Climb (A Friday Fictioneers Story)

Thought I’d give Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers challenge a go this week.    I’ve joined a couple times in the past (under a different blogname) but lately I have found that I either a story was not forthcoming or…  I’d run out of time.

This photo for this prommpt is:

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Sandra Crook  Copyright – Sandra Crook

Brittany hoisted her pack on to her shoulders and strapped everything securely, before making her way over the steep bridge that crossed the large creek.  It was only the beginning of what would be a long and grueling climb for her and her hiking partner Miranda.  They had done this same hike every year since graduating from college together 5 years ago.  Both were avid hikers  and for both this was as close as they ever came to a vacation.  But for Brittany, if her last doctor’s visit was anything to go by, she feared it might be her last for a long while.



4 thoughts on “Her Last Climb (A Friday Fictioneers Story)

    1. Thank you. You got it close (Taini). My “real” name is actually Tena. Taini is more of a pen name, chosen because it was the name from which mine was most closely derived from.


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