Timeless Love: A Sunday Photo Fiction Story

Here is the photo, by Sunday Photo Fiction, to inspire us for this week:

He looked down upon the people walking back and forth along the old cobblestones.  They were all oblivious as to his existence   and for the  most part he paid little attention to them,  except for one.  One that has full attention. One that he would claim as his own.   She would belong to no one but himself.  He spoke the vow softly, aloud.   Though his words were only a whisper, not heard by anyone else  the young lady lifted her face  in his direction, rubbing her hands over her arm as if trying to warm from a chill, despite the fact that there was nary a breeze to be felt in the air.  Just as quick the young lass looked away, continuing on with her errands.  He smiled to himself.  The time would soon come when he would make his presence known to her.  Time meant nothing to him.  He knew they were destined to be together  that there would be no other for her.  Her heart, her body, her soul would accept no other than he.  He was in no hurry.


I hope you enjoy my attempt at a bit of “paranormal”.


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