#ThrowbackThursday Blog Post for December 19, 2014

As you can see this “throwback” post is late.  Not by purpose or choice.  Just sort of ran out of time to get er done.

Since I only recently started this particular blog (not the only blog I have) picking a throw back  could either be seen as really easy or really hard.  Easy in that I don’t have many to choose from, hard in that everything is pretty recent  (within, ohh, the last 6 mo or less).  For this week I’m going with an old Writer Wednesday Blog Hop story I wrote:

A Boy’s Imagination

Here’s an a short excerpt of the beginning:

Aaron looked worriedly out the window watching the clouds roll in as he and his mom drove home after stopping at the store.  At first there had just been a few cumulus type clouds, but that had soon turned into a whole bunch of cumulus clouds that covered the sky.   Now the sky was beginning to darken and stratocumulus were forming.


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