#WWBH Writer Wednesday Holiday Hop (December 24, 2014)

We are taking a short holiday break here at WWBH but (in the words of the newest member of our team, Debb)  will be returning with Gusto  on January 07 with fresh new blog hop prompts for you..  In the mean time, Leanne has been gracious enough to  keep things live(ly) by sharing some of our “Favorite Things”….
Gift box with red bow on wood background

(Sing to the tune of “These are a Few of My Favorite Things”)
Five words and pictures, fiction and genres; lots of new authors and creative mantras. The blog hop is ending for two thousand fourteen, these are a few of our faaaavorite things…!

Okay not really things, but stories!

In no particular order of author, month, or prompt, here is the first list of some the stories that stood out in our Writer Wednesday Blog Hop this year. Of course this is not a comprehensive list! There are way too many good ones to post them all–you’ll be reading here until next Christmas. However, we’re posting a second collection of stories next week!

If you have favorite story from the year, just submit it below via the blue frog by next Tuesday! Or you can message your hostess in the comments section. (You can find a list of ALL the stories HERE.)

We’ll kick off a fresh new year of prompts on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 so stay tuned okay?

In the meantime, enjoy!

From the Middle of Nowhere by Tony Roberts

MidnightVisitors by Lyn C.

The Secret by Sally Stackhouse

Playing Emergency by Karen Knapp

A Prayer of Remembrance by Scott Taylor

At Least there’s Wine by Leanne Sype

Two Sweet Angels by Taini’s Writings (Tena Carr)

A Difficult Beginning by Heather Musk

With Time to Spare by C.R. Fowler

Hibbi by Debb Stanton

To Err is Embarrassing by Morgan Kellum

CrossWires by Janni Styles


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