Highlighting 2014

This is my newest blog and hasn’t even been live a full year…  Infact barely 6 months.  My very first bog?   My First Post (Here Anyway)  back in July of this year.

So looking at my stats so far here are my  top 5 most viewed.

#5 – Aunt Cindy the Hero (a Writer Wednesday Blog Hop story) with 27 views

#4 – I Should Have Told You (a Daily Prompt story)  with 29 views

#3 – Thursday Review:  Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies with 30 views

#2 – WWBH – Kick Off: October 15, 2014 with 38 views

… And the Most Viewed  this year (and so far) was…

My Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Page with 90 views

And my 5 Most Liked are:

#5 – I Should Have Told You

 #4 – Sunday Photo Fiction (I didn’t give the story a title, but it was posted on August 31

#3 – Camp NaNo – Nearing the End

#2 – An Alien Invasion (for Mondays Finish the Story)

#1 – A Pawn in the Game of Life.

Looking back through the months…  Here are my highlights from each month:

In July I joined in with a group of lovely ladies at Camp NaNoWriMo. Rhonda from A Novel Idea, Marie from Writing Wings for You, and Shawn L. Bird (to name a couple).  I started out blogging about my experience over at Jottings and Writings…

…  But then I ended up moving my posts over here

Looking back, my favorite WWBH story, in July, was probably Two Sweet Angels.  It was one of the stories that just seemed to flow.  There were a couple moments where I had to stop as the proverbial Writer’s Block hit, but the flow quickly picked up again.

For August I wrote A Little “Getting to Know You” Fun. 

I really only wrote one story in September worth mentioning – A WWBH story called Something In His Eyes.

In October, I did a “Free Write” post – prompted by the Daily Post.   I would have to say the best Blog Hop story I did this would have had to have been The Nanny’s Secret Feelings.

In November I joined Mondays Finish the Story for the first time.  Mh first “story”  was “Best Damned Mechanic“.  For most favorite WWBH story this month, I couldn’t decide between The Value of Hard Work or A Beautiful Day to be Alive.  And Finally I leave you (for this month) with a Writer’s Funny:  Is There A Cure for Writer’s Block.

Even though these two “stories”, written in December, were written for different challenges I really think they could be put together (purely a coincidental fact) with a few adjustments…

So there you have 2014 and with that I bid you Happy Writing in 2015  and Good Night.


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