Why Do I Like to Write

Before I put out my Highlighting 2014 for this blog (coming up next post) I thought I’d share my very first blog from Jottings and Writing…  Why am I sharing?    Because it explains Why I Like to Write….

When I write I can formulate my thoughts and my ideas more carefully.  I can  delete and rewrite and redo before sending it on….  writing gives me a chance to think things through.  As I write I can look back at what I’m writing and decide that perhaps I should leave this or that out.  Except for those rare occasions where G-d is giving me the words to say  I often find myself saying the wrong things and embarrassing myself or making people angry.  I’m like a bimbo whenever I open my mouth  and I’m sure to be misunderstood cause I didn’t clarify what I was saying carefully enough (and in our rush rush gotta get there yesterday world how do we do that?)  But in writing  I can use all the words necessary to get my thought and ideas across.

Writing also gives a chance for a little what if in our lives (as long as we don’t expect fictional writing to be reality  and keep it in perspective).  We can have things be different (at least on paper) than they actually turned out.

Do I have a gift of writing and words?  I don’t know….  My mother  wrote children’s books and I’ve read a couple other things she wrote (confirmation and other diary stuff…..  Perhaps  my love of writing is through her…  Whatever it is  I like writing and am more comfortable with it than speaking


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