A Look At my First year (2014)

I’ve only been blogging (here anyway) for about six months.  In that time  I was viewed 1100 times – Not to bad for only 83 posts  (that’s not quite 14 posts a month, or 3.5 per week).  The busiest day for me was on November 09 of this year with 52 views and “I Should Have Told You” was the most viewed on that day.

I enjoy taking the opportunity to join in on some writing challenges (as time allows me to) – Here are a few of my favorites

and of course  Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (co-hosted by myself and 3 other lovely ladies: Leanne, Debb, and Heather)

Another fun free write type is called 2 minutes….  Go!  put out by JD Mader of Unemployed Imagination, on Fridays  (unfortunately Fridays are crazy for me and I’m always missing the opportunity to play along).

A few of my top posts so  far have been – Thursday Review:  Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies   (be sure and check out my Autor Interview with G Mitchell Baker as well) and a couple of my Writer Wednesday stories; Aunt Cindy the Hero and Running For Her Life.

Comments are greatly appreciated and I want to thank Sally’s Scribbles, Stanton Sunshine, Janni Styles, Life in the Foot Hills, and Scotty Watty Doodle All the Day for being my top commenters

So there you have a look at Taini’s Writings for the first year.  Looking forward to blogging & writing more in 2015.  Whether Author, Writer, Reader or Blogger – Wishing you all the best in the year ahead.

Happy 2015 to all and and Happy Writing – May the Muse be with you and your thoughts flow smoothly.


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