The Lesson of Angels (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)

Below is my entry for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge this week and inspired by this picture:

94 01 January 4th 2015

She held the tiny quartz angel delicately in her hand.  The fragile piece, a gift from her late great grandmother, already showing signs of aging.  The gift had come posthumously just a few weeks after the news that her great-grandmother had passed away. 

The tiny angel had been a particular favorite of Emily’s and she would often, as a child, beg to hold the tiny angel so she could feel the cool smooth stone against her hand.  After repeated promises to be extra extra careful, Emily was allowed to hold the angel, “for just a couple minutes”.  It was during those times, when she was sitting holding the angel, that her great-grandmother would tell her about “real angels”  and how angels could be everyday people that do good things and help others…

‘For how do you know that you have not entertained angels unaware’ 

Emily hadn’t really given the “lessons” much thought as a child.  She simply liked holding the little angel.  But as she grew older the lessons she had learned were taken more and more to heart.  

Inside the box was a simple card that read, “Read never forget the lessons of angels”.

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2 thoughts on “The Lesson of Angels (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)

  1. It’s true. Guardian angels are the real people we meet. Some people who we have spoken to have saved the lives of people, or had their life saved by people. Real angels are everywhere.

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