Watching Him Fly Away (Mondays Finish the Story)

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for JD Mader’s 2 minute-free write challenge (which apparently isn’t up yet).  But first  it’s time for Monday’s Finish the Story (before I end up any later than I already am).

Here’s our photo and start off phrase for this week:

2015-01-05 - BW Beacham   “Silently as the people watched, the black hawk helicopter lifted into the air.”

{I did take a bit of “creative licensing” and added another comma into the beginning sentence} 

Silently, as the people watched, the blackhawk helicopter lifted into the air.  Despite the relatively large crowd of people Brittany felt more alone that she had ever remembered feeling before.  She shouldn’t have come.  Greg had begged her not to saying that he didn’t want her last memory of their time together to be watching him leave.  He couldn’t tell her anything about the mission he would soon be embarking on, it was top secret, but he could tell her it was dangerous.  He had know way of knowing what would happen or if he would be returning home.  Brittany wiped a tear from her eye as the helicopter flew off into the horizon and out of sight.  Squaring her shoulders, Brittany then turned and headed back to her car…

{Several months later}.  It seemed the same group of people that had been around to watch the departure had returned for their return.  But Greg was only interested in seeing one person there.  There was only one who’s face he wanted to see.   Finding it, his gaze locked on Brittany and in a flash she there in his arms. Despite the crowd of people, Greg bent his lips to hers and kissed her right then and there.

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