A Case of Bad Luck (My WWBH Story)

I’ll be kicking of another WWBH Blog Hop in just a little while so stay tuned and join in the fun.  First, however here’s my little 500 (give or take) story from last week’s hop, inspire by this picture and the 5 words below







“See a penny pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck”  Wasn’t that how the old saying went?  But Jenny didn’t believe in luck.  If she were to believe in luck at all, she’d most likely believe in bad luck than good.  Like today when she was running behind schedule, as usual.  Her school binder was clutched tightly under her arm so she wouldn’t drop it.  There hadn’t even been time to stuff the thickly stuffed item into her backpack.  It would have been one thing to be running late because of another class.  At least then she would have the excuse of a teacher making her late.  But no, this was her own fault plain and simple.   She had been eating a yogurt for a mid morning snack (breakfast had been hours ago and only consisted of a bagel and cream cheese that she had quickly put together before running out the door that morning) when she suddenly realized the time.  The spoon, she had been using, accidentally went flying through the air in her rush to  get up from where she had been sitting.  Watching in dismay as her spoon struck one of the passing security guards, Jenny muttered a quick apology before running out of the cafeteria, worried that she would be late to class.

Her luck didn’t seem any better later than afternoon as she rushed to another class.  At least this time it had been due to class running over.  As she hurried through the rain, her head ducked down, to get to her next class she suddenly felt a solid un-moveable force preventing her from further movement.  A loud grunt filled the air making her look up, then quickly down with dismay.  “Great”, she muttered sarcastically.  Her luck just got better and better all the time.  Standing in front of her was the same exact security guard that her spoon had struck earlier.   He had, apparently, changed out of his uniform shirt and was wearing a white t-shirt with a bold colored ostrich on it and some sort of wording she couldn’t quite make out.  Her dismay increased as she realized that the contents of the  bottle he held in his hand had spilled over the front of his shirt.

“I’m sorry,” Jenny muttered towards the ground.  God she was such a klutz.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.  At least it was just water this time.”

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