Determined to Finish (My WWBH Story)

Here is my story based on the two photos in the story.  I did got a little bit over the 500 limit but only by a little bit  so hopefully none of the other hop ladies are counting 😉
2015/01/img_3902.jpgMonica hoisted her pack further up on her shoulders.  Sweat dripped from her brow the saltiness of it stinging her eyes, nearly blinding her.  Her legs were cramping something fierce, her stomache felt like it was on fire, and her head was starting to pound.  But she refused to give up.

Monica took a long drink from her water bottle. She was determined to finish the 5 mile hike that she had set out on.  Was determined not to give up.

Monica had spent the entire spring working to prepare herself for this hike.  She had started out with short 1/4 & 1/2 mile  walks, working her way up to 1 & 2 mile walks and eventually 3 & 4 mile walks.  Finally, she was ready for the 5 mile hike…  Or so she had thought.  Now she was beginning to have doubts.  a 4 mile walk didn’t at all compare to a 5 mile hike through rough terrain.  Most of the hike, so far, had been steadily uphill.  she supposed the good news was that at some point they would make their way back to the starting point and would be heading downhill the point.

Her mind wandering, Monica didn’t see the small, out of place, boulder till she tripped right over it and went  head-long  into the guy in front of her.  Luckily Monica was a lightweight in size, her petite stature barely moving him.   The guy recovered quickly, but Monica wasn’t so lucky and went sprawling to the ground.

“Hey, you okay miss?”  the guy asked.


“Yeah,”  Monica replied, “I’ll be fine.”  But as she tried to push herself upright she began teetering & wavering,  The guy she had bumped into helped  her upright and led her a few steps further to where a huge boulder sat on the side of the path.  After helping her to sit down, he asked just a few questions about how she was feeling and what kind of symptoms she was having.  He then reached into his own pack.  Monica was surprised to find him pulling out a small bag of salt.  Not the normal everyday salt like you might find on most kitchen tables or restaurants, but “Real” Salt.

Salt, of course.  She should have thought to bring some salt along herself.  Monica recalled her grandmother’s “old-wives” table type remedy for dealing with symptoms of dehydration.

The gentleman asked if she had a back-up water bottle.  Monica handed the bottle over and watched as he put a good size portion of salt in then gave it several good shakes to mix the salt in.

“Here, drink this.”

Monica started to take a big long gulp, but the gentlemen helping her stopped her.  “Whoa, slow down there.” He instructed.  “Slow sips.  You’ll make yourself sick otherwise.”

After a short a while, Monica began feeling better.  “Thank You”  she said with a smile.

“Not a problem.  You feeling a bit better now?”

“Yes.  Much.”  Monica answered.

“Wonderful.”  the guy replied,  “My name’s Brian, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Monica.”  Brian replied, taking her hand in a firm yet gentle grip.  “So,”  he continued, “Think you feel up to continuing the hike?”

“Sure do.”  Monica replied with renewed energy.

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