Old Typewriter (Mondays Finish the Story)

Photo by Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “The old typewriter had a mind of its own.”


The old typewriter had a mind of it’s own.  Michelle was sure of it.  She bit back another curse as yet  another key decided to stick in the “down” position.  She was seriously tempted to throw the damn thing through the nearest window.  She couldn’t even count the number of times she had to stop her flow of typing to unstick a key.

Michelle wished she could get one of those new fangled electric typewriters, but that was money she didn’t have.  Maybe some day when she got one of her manuscripts published.  For now she was stuck using the old manual typewriter with keys that constantly stuck.


Stuck in a Down Pour (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)


Photo Credit Joe Owens 2015  Sunday Photo Fiction

Once again joining in to give a go with this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.  There’s a new(?) – or at least not the usual – host we’ve gotten to use to and I’d like to take a brief moment to wish him all the best.  And with that said,  My story….

The colors of the evening sky would have been absolutely gorgeous if it weren’t for the ominous looking clouds.

Bridgette pulled her sweater around her shoulders that much tighter, wishing she had thought to wear something a little warmer…  OK, a lot warmer.  But then it had been a beautiful summers day not one that lent itself to the thought of needing warm clothing.  And she was suppose to be safely home way before evening fall, not out in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car and no idea where the hell she was at.  She could only hoped the sky didn’t decide to dump a bunch of rain….

“Well so much for wishful thinking” Bridgette thought dismally as a sudden downpour drenched her.

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#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – February 25, 2015

What time is it??  Blog hop Time!!  What time is it??  Writing Time….  What time is it?? Time to Write…  Finally Wednesday’s here.  Good to be writing on.  Got my  puter on, my fingers loose now writing what’s it all about…..

Hey, I could have gone with the camel joke “Do you know what day it is??”….  But this just seemed more fun somehow.

Ok, time to get serious and on to this week’s Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  Before we go to far, let’s take a look at the stories written for last week’s hop:

Back?  Ok, good!!  Before we get into this week’s prompts there’s the matter of rules.  Honestly, they are really quite simple.  You can read the rules in detail over on the main WWBH Page.  Here’s a quick run through:

Write a 500 word (give or take) story related to the prompt (either 2 photos or 1 photo/5 words)

In the case of 5 Words your words must be clearly indicated in the story

Please remember the photos used are the property of the WWBH Host in question (unless otherwise stated).  While you are welcome to use the photo in your blogpost, please do not share as your own works (credit is very much appreciated).

Please make mention that your story is for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (WWBH).  While not required, a link to the hop is appreciated.   Also appreciated is if you tag your story WWBH (and don’t forget to link up to the blue froggy below)

Any questions contact one of the WWBH blog hop hosts:  Leanne, Heather, or myself

All right, with that out of the way, here is your prompt for this week:

Your Photo:


And Your Five Words:

  • Mine
  • Resemble
  • Messenger
  • Crew
  • Gaunt


Dangerous Mission, Dirty Cop (My WWBH Story)

IMG_20150217_174409“Are you out of your ever loving mind,”  Brenda all but shrieked.  Remembering, only at the last second to keep her voice down.

“Hush,” Samuel admonished, “You trying to get us killed?”  As if Brenda needed a reminder of how dangerous a mission this was.  Tracking down and trying to get intel on some dirty cops that had somehow managed to escape detection over and over.  Ones not above using their power and authority to hurt others.  The situation went farther than the usual simple, low-level “dirty cop” scenario.  This situation definitely involved some “higher ups” and a lot of greasing each others hands.  The whole situation made the usual look like a routine traffic stop.  One wrong move and they could both end up dead….  If they were lucky.

Samuel suddenly put his arms to out the side stopping Brenda dead in her tracks.  Putting his finger to his lips, he motioned her to get down.  From her crouched position, Brenda could just barely make out the faded uniform of one of the dirty cops that she and Samuel intel on.    Training her ears, Brenda tried to listen and gather as much info as she could as “uniform” stopped to talk to someone, she didn’t recognize.  But at the moment she was much more aware of just how closely Samuel was to her….  Too aware.  It didn’t help that he was so close that he was all but in her lap.    Definitely not a good situation to be in on this kind of mission.  She needed to concentrate, and not on the 5’9″ set of muscles practically breathing on her neck.  Using the innate ability she had to shut everything else out of her mind.  It was just the thing for which she had been promoted to “the team” simply known by as “The Academy” for the building in which HQ was located an old non-descript building that had the look of an old school.

Brenda studiously focused her attention back to the the two guys they were watching.

“Phewww”  Samuel exclaimed, after  ‘uniform’  and the other guy moved on, “Any closer I’m afraid we might have ended up in a coffin.

Brenda gave a sigh of relief when Samuel finally stood back up, motioning that it was safe for her to do the same.    She was beginning to feel like a bat in a cave when it was dark out.   

“Were you able to catch what they were saying?”  Samuel whispered to her as she walked just a step behind him.

“Yeah, some.”  Brenda responded back in a whisper.  “Sounds like something going down tomorrow afternoon.  Not sure it’ll be big enough to catch em on though.”

“It’s something anyway, ” Samuel replied back, “Come on let’s get out of here and report back to HQ.

Brenda had no arguments with that one.

Author Interview with @BenjaminGilmour

Many months ago,  I learned of a book (and film) called Paramedico written by Mr. Benjamin Gilmour.  My thoughts were, “Cool – sounds like a book I’d like to read” and then immediately filed the thought under ‘maybe someday, if I’m lucky’…  Forward  several months….  I’m at my local library looking at a variety of Public Safety related books and to what do my eyes appear?  It took me all of a nano-second to grab that puppy…err… book up.   Ok, it’s not the same as actually owning my own copy —  but hey, I’ll take what I can get; And there’s still that “some day” 😉

While the way in which Mr. Gilmour (no, not that Gilmour – Mr. Benjamin Gilmour (“Benja” if your Dr. Aquarius – you’ll have to read the book) is in itself entertaining it is also a glimpse into the differences in ambulance services around the world.  

Mr. Gilmour was kind of enough to agree to answer a few questions about his writing journey….  So let’s get started, shall we?

Paramedico Cover 1DSCF0305

Tell the readers when it was that you first know you wanted to be a writer and why? What, or what events, decided this journey for you?

Hard to know the precise origins of an urge for sure, but I had various school teachers who inspired me and got me into the habit of writing. My parents and their religious nightly reading sessions with us had plenty to do with my interest in story-telling. I actually started off on the slam-poetry circuit in Sydney and Newcastle (just north of Sydney) in the late nineties. I think this helped me improve the craft of language and set-up my future in prose, allowing me to write musically, if you know what I mean. Readers might not realize  why they like reading what they read, but I think music in the writing, a certain imperceptible rhythm, works its magic on a reader and makes the difference between a book you can put down and a book you can’t. 

What Inspires your writing?

Human stories. Truth is stranger than fiction. I really believe that, especially after nearly 20 years as a full time paramedic.

What do you like to do while you are writing to help you write (other than writing)?

Take time out in the sun, beach, surf, swim. While writers are so often depicted as pasty white loners sitting at type-writers indoors, that is not me. The effect of the sun on my brain is essential to my writing. It makes my mind buzz. 

Do you have a favorite beverage to drink while writing?

I would love to be that writer who takes a whisky or gin while at it. I love both. But after one glass of either, my writing becomes complete nonsense and sometimes utter gibberish. So I stick with Earl Grey Tea. Yeah, boring. But at least Earl Grey has the same hint of bergamot that gin has…..

What advice would you give to those who think they might want to be a writer?  And also to those who already know and have just started out on the journey of writing?

It is extremely rare to be able to make a living off writing, unless you’e making your money off writing for newspapers, online content or magazines and so on. I have a few journalist mates who write books, but it’s their journalism that allows them to do it because only that really pays. Times are pretty bad for writers when it comes to money as book advances are worth so little nowadays. So, as your Daddy might have said, ‘get a real job!’ and that will take the pressure off you to feed a family from your next novel sales. Moreover, if you can use your ‘real job’ as a means of collecting inspiration, all the better. Hence my chosen career as a paramedic. I see life at its most intense and have plenty of material. My advice to aspiring writers is to keep a little note book in which to record all manner of snippets of life, things you’ve heard, read, experienced, conversations, observations and so on. It all adds up and will help you later when you’re stuck for material.

Tell us a little bit about the very first book you wrote (or remember writing).  Briefly, what was it about  and why/what made you decide to write it?

My first book was a collection of poetry. But my first prose book was a memoir about making a film while living among the tribes of Pakistan’s frontier region. I hung out with these scary looking bearded turban-wearing guys who were actually the nicest, most generous and kindest people you could ever come across and I realized then I would always have to be wary of how people are depicted in the news, on TV and so on. My crazy experiences living in this region along the Afghan border, taking tea with Taliban and so on, was very book-worthy and eventuated in ‘Warrior Poets’ which has sold out.  Although you can still find copies available on eBay and second-hand on Amazon if you’re lucky.

Tell us about the latest book you wrote.  Briefly, what was it about and why/what made you decide to write it.  Also what makes this book different, in your mind, than your first book.

Paramedico: Around the World by Ambulance pretty much speaks for itself. Its my adventures riding ambulances in ten different nations, from Venice to Mexico via Iceland and Macedonia. There are wild times in here. My wife and I were nearly bowled over by the 2004 Tsunami in asia, and I narrowly missed being blown up by a suicide bomber in Pakistan. There are chapters that read like an Ian Flemming James Bond novel. But that is my life at times, honestly. Although Paramedico is different than Warrior Poets because it concentrates on ambulances paramedics in crazy places, it is not so different in that it is still about inviting the reader to join my on my madcap adventures and share these wild times with me, the writer.

Any new or upcoming books in the works?  Briefly, what is it about and why/what made you decide to write it.  Also what makes this book different, in your mind.

I am hoping my next book, about being a paramedic in Sydney, will be coming out soon.

Anything else you want to add that I didn’t ask about?

If you read either Warrior Poets or Paramedico please do put up a review on Amazon or Good Reads!

Where can people connect with you? 

Author’s blog www.benjamingilmour.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paramedico/209861479024436?ref=hl

Twitter https://twitter.com/BenjaminGilmour

Good Reads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13149198-paramedico

Inside a Painting (Mondays Finish the Story)

Copyright B.W. Beacham

Copyright Barbara W. Beacham

“Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting.”


*Flash* *Bang*….

“What the hell.  What just happened”  Roger exclaimed as a bright light filled his vision, momentarily blinding him.  

Looking at the other three members of the musical quartet he was apart of he noticed something wasn’t quite right with the way they looked.  They seemed almost cartoonish somehow, like they belonged in a picture or a painting.

“Quick, Bob, let me see your mirror,”  Roger knew Bob would have a mirror on him.  He always did.  He was such a vain fellow.  A great guy and a good friend, but vain as all get out.

“Sure” Bob responded reaching into a pocket and pulling out his pocket-mirror.  

Roger glanced at the mirror.  Yep, it was just as he feared…

Just then another *flash* and another *bang* and Roger found himself sitting upright in his own bed, sweat dripping from his body.

“Damn I need a break from all those photographers” he muttered to himself as he untangled the sheets from around his body and headed to the kitchen for a nightcap.

{Took a few liberties with the story}

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#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – February 18, 2015

Gonna jump right in with handing over the rains… huh?!?…. reigns for this weeks blog hop to our lovely host of the week – Leanne. Glad to hear that she’s feeling better after a week long bout of viruses.

Oh how I am so glad an entire week has passed. Last week, I was sick with one of the most painful viruses I have ever experienced in my life. It sounds dramatic, and believe me it was. But like most viruses, it was done wreaking havoc in a week’s time. So Wednesday feels extra nice this week!

Speaking of viruses, we have a fresh Writer Wednesday Blog Hop photo prompt today! Wait… huh? (There really is no smooth transition for heinous virus to blog hop, humor me. 🙂 )

But there is nothing “sickly” about the stories that came through from last week’s prompt (see what I did there? Okay… I’ll stop.). Check out these awesome creations and be sure to leave some comment love for the author’s okay?

Rekindled by Bronwyn Marcus

Proposal in a Shoe by Tena Carr

Mystery of the Missing Dancers by Leanne Sype

Getting Ready by Sally Stackhouse

Fun, huh? Okay, here’s the short version of how to do the blog hop. If you are a first-timer, please click here for the full description of the guidelines.

1) Use the photo and the provided five chosen words in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 or less (or a few more words if they’re needed…).
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your story.
4) Use the Blue frog below to add your story at Leanne’s or Tena’s websites and follow the instructions.
5) Have fun, don’t stress, and let those creative juices flow!

Here is your photo and five words:







Proposal in a Shoe (My WWBH Story)

This week the lovely Heather has the prompt cues for us at WWBH:

“You know,”  Gerrad was saying, “We probably ought to think about getting up and getting dressed, don’t you think.”  Molly thought she detected a slight waver in his voice.  Nervousness?  No, Gerrad was never nervous about anything.  She was sure it must be that he was simply out of breath from the intimacy they had shared that morning upon waking.  “Yeah,” she responded, “We probably should.”  

Molly dressed quickly as Gerrad did the same,  then looked around for her shoes.  Oh, yeah, right, there they were.  Next to the door.   Molly slipped her feet into one, but they wouldn’t go on her feet.  “What the heck,” she muttered as she slipped her foot out and back in.  Still her foot wouldn’t go in.  It felt like something was blocking her foot.

Bending down, Molly picked up the shoe to inspect it.  Reaching into the shoe, her hand touched something.  Grabbing a hold of it, Molly pulled out the offending obstruction.  A jewelers box??  How in the world had a jewelers box gotten in her shoe.  She looked carefully at Gerrad who was standing next to the bed passively watching her with an eye slightly raised.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this would you?”  She inquired.

“Why don’t we open it and see what it is,”  Gerrad responded his expression not changing as he crossed the bedroom to stand by her.

Molly opened up the box to find a beautiful diamond solitaire inside.

“Hmmmm, yes, that does seem like something I might get you,” Gerrad was saying,  “Why don’t you try it and see if it fits.”

Somehow knowing that the ring would be a perfect fit, Molly slipped it on to find she was right.  The ring fit on as if it had been made just for her.  Her eye’s glimmered with tears as she looked up at Gerrad.

“It was you that got this for me, wasn’t it.”

“Yes,” Gerrad admitted as he came to stand in front of Molly.  Taking both her slender hands in his own, he brought them to his lips.

“I’ve never loved another women the way I do you, Molly.  Never wanted a women the way I do you, with every fiber of my being.  I want to come home from work each day to your smiling face.  To fall asleep holding you and wake up each  morning with you in my arms,  I want……”   Gerrad stopped as if he could’t find the right words to express his feelings.  

By now, tears were flowing freely down Molly’s face and it seemed there were tears in Gerrad’s eyes as well.

“Yes.”  Molly exclaimed.

“Yes?”  Gerrad replied

“Yes, I’ll marry you.  I’ll be here when you come home, be here to care for and comfort you….”  

A loud whoop came from Gerrad’s mouth as he swooped Molly up and spun her around before setting her carefully on the ground  and indulging in one last long kiss before they finished putting there shoes on.

{Word Count:  499}

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Gathering Up Courage (A Friday Fiction story)

The photo to inspire for this week’s Friday Fiction over at  Addicted to Purple:

Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


PHOTO PROMPT –Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Peggy looked at the house across the street.  She remembered a girl abouther age had just moved in.  Peggy was working up the courage to see if she might want to play.

Working up her courage, Peggy headed across the street.

“Hi, ummmm, ” Peggy stammered, “I’m Peggy, from across the street.  I was wondering if you might want to play?”

“Sure, I mean if it’s okay with my mom.”  The girl answered, “I was about to ask if I could go over, but was trying to work up my courage first.”

“So was I.” Peggy admitted.

“My name’s Sally by the way” the girl said.

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Patiently…. A Fool (Mondays Finish the Story)

Jumping on board for this week’s Mondays Finish the Story:

2015-02-09 - BW BeachamFinish the story begins with:  “Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.”

Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.  What irony to be fishing at a place called “Fool’s Lake”  Bridgette thought to herself.  It was exactly what she felt like – a fool…

Patiently, she waited for Jonathon to notice her to see as her as a sensual being and not just as one of the guys.  When her patience wore thin, she had started dropping subtle hints, but even that seemed to go un-noticed.   Deciding to go for broke she had worked up the confidence to approach him a few days ago to invite him for dinner only to find him with arms around another women.  She could hear laughter as he bent to whisper something in the women’s ear, his lips brushing against the women’s hair.

Fighting back tears of embarrassment Bridgette turned and walked off, Thankful that neither had seen her.

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