Trying to Remember (My WWBH Story)

My story was inspired by the photographs provided by Leanne.


Brenda stopped writing and set her pen down on the diary she had picked up at the local stationery store several weeks earlier.  She had never been one to write in a journal or a diary, had never seen the sense in writing a bunch non-sensical crap about what had happened throughout each day and how she felt about it, but her therapist had recommended the idea as a way to work through the psychological difficulties she faced since her accident a few months earlier.      The therapist had voiced concern, on a number of occasions, that she still hadn’t been able to fully face the events of the life-changing accident.  The problem was she couldn’t really remember much of the accident.  The memory of accident plagued her at night and on a number of occasions she had woken in a cold sweat with only the vaguest of memories of the accident upon awakening.   The idea of the diary was to write down every and anything she could remember and to write down both her progresses and back-steps throughout the journey of her recovery.  The hope was to bring the memory into the forefront of her mind so she could face it once and for all.

The writing seemed to help some.  As she wrote little things like the little bits & pieces of broken details she remembered or how her physical therapy was going the memories got a little stronger each day.  Brenda closed her eyes as the memory of the events preceding the accident began to take hold.   This was another part of her recovery.  To face the events leading up to the accident as well as the accident itself.  She had to come to terms with the accident, to face it head on.  Not just in her dreams at night but in reality of daylight.  Squeezing her eyes tight, Brenda forced herself to view the events of the accident in her mind as they had happened that day.  She could see herself getting into the car. Saw the car driving down the highway.  Saw herself looking in the side view mirror.  Saw the bright headlights in the car behind.  Brenda forced herself to keep her eyes closed and concentrate on the memory as the headlights in the car  behind got larger and larger till they were filling the side-view mirror…  Then nothing.  She could remember nothing further. 


Dis-Heartened, Brenda picked up her pen, once again, to write the little bit she had managed to remember…  At least it was progress.

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3 thoughts on “Trying to Remember (My WWBH Story)

  1. Oh man. I can feel Brenda’s frustration and depression in your story. It is so emotionally hard to relive a tragic accident, but probably equally so when you can’t remember. Nice job, Tena.


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