The Urge to Protect: Picture it and Write

I’m joining Ermilia for this week’s Picture it and Write.  I hope you enjoy the little piece I put together.


Jack closed the blinds on the window as an added measure of security.  Not that he expected any visitors, not out in the middle of nowhere like they were.  Turning from the window he found Monica standing just a few feet away.

“Why are you doing this for me?” She asked.  “You could have just let the police take care of me.  I mean it’s not like you owe me anything or have any reason to get involved.”

Jack didn’t have an answer for her, not one that he could easily put into words.  How could he explain the protectiveness that coursed through his veins when she showed up on his doorstep.  The anger he had felt, that she had been in any type of danger.  Instead he took a step closer to her, then another, and another till he was standing right in front of her.  Molly had to strain her neck to look up at Jack as he towered over her.  At a petite 5’1″ that wasn’t all that difficult, most people were taller than she was but at 6′ plus Jack truly towered over her.  Having an unmistakenably male body so close was more than a little settling and  Molly nearly found herself taking a step backwards to put some space between them.

“Molly.”  Jack’s voice came out hoarsly, almost strangled sounding, his sight seeming fixated on her lips.

“I’m going to kiss you now.”

Molly’s mouth opened in response, but whatever response she might have had was quickly swallowed up as Jack’s lips found hers.


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