Gathering Up Courage (A Friday Fiction story)

The photo to inspire for this week’s Friday Fiction over at  Addicted to Purple:

Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


PHOTO PROMPT –Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Peggy looked at the house across the street.  She remembered a girl abouther age had just moved in.  Peggy was working up the courage to see if she might want to play.

Working up her courage, Peggy headed across the street.

“Hi, ummmm, ” Peggy stammered, “I’m Peggy, from across the street.  I was wondering if you might want to play?”

“Sure, I mean if it’s okay with my mom.”  The girl answered, “I was about to ask if I could go over, but was trying to work up my courage first.”

“So was I.” Peggy admitted.

“My name’s Sally by the way” the girl said.

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9 thoughts on “Gathering Up Courage (A Friday Fiction story)

  1. It’s a nice thought isn’t it, two girls wanting to get to know each other and having to gear themselves up to do so. I expect they’ll be lifelong friends after that. I noticed that you used ‘working up the courage’ three times – was that intentional?

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    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed my little story. It seems as if the story all but wrote itself – except for some editing (mainly to get down to the 100 word limit 😉 )

      Liked by 1 person

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